Venetas at Overstock

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  1. Wow, those look like good deals!! Pity shipping is in US only:sad:
  2. Thanks, mycarryon, for this very cool info!!
  3. Ahhh! The ebano is so tempting....
  4. Thanks for posting this! I just ordered the nero veneta. Hopefully I'll love it.
  5. Wow, I never knew overstock sold BV's. Are they known to be legit in general? If so, that's a really great deal!!!
  6. how do u know they are original?
  7. mycarryon - that's a great deal - but I'm surprised that you have gotten two fake gucci bags from them. The website looks legitimate.
  8. I was too. Since no one here sells Guccis, I had to have two of my friends in Tampa authenticate them for me. They were both Britts and their linings vary according to what exact style (i.e., hobo, tote). I had them describe the lining to me and they did not match. Those fakes are getting very good!
  9. I just received my black medium veneta and it's very pretty. It looks authentic. I like that they put a red seal for security to prevent fake returns. :tup:

    I will have to look at it in more detail this weekend. I'm not sure whether to keep it as I'm not sure the medium size is right for me.
  10. Thank god these were the med. size - if "large" I would have been in trouble!