Veneta Price Change Question

  1. Was the price changed on the venetas this year? Are the more expensive ones any different from the ones prior to the price change? Thanks!
  2. Prices of most BV bags went up in May/June by 5% to 15%. Understand there could be further adjustments in the later part of the year (in fall).

    I think the Veneta (med and large) went up by around 15%. It is the most popular BV.
  3. Thanks ms piggy! So there were no actual changes in the venetas themselves, just their prices?
  4. I believe that amongst the hobos only the ball bag changed. The veneta I think is a classic and will never change. They did I think however get rid of the small veneta and only have the medium and large in the U.S. (and the maxi to be released soon). RE: price increases, from my understanding it was not a particular percentage, but each item was given a different price hike. For venetas, circa $200 increase. The medium went from $1,2xx to $1,4xx, and the large went from $1,630 to $1,8xx (I want to say $1,880). I remember my anguish during this critical time as there were too many things I needed to buy and no time!
  5. ms piggy, there will be further price increases in the fall? oh no, time to start planning what BV items to buy before the price increases.
  6. My local BV manager stated last week that there are no plans this year to her knowledge of a price increase until next year
  7. I bought a medium veneta hobo in February 2003 - the original price was $980. The medium veneta hobo is now $1490! Back then, I lucked up and actually paid $343 at NM last call sale, the color of the bag is a terracota color (the serial number tag ends in TER).:yahoo: Now, I never see the veneta hobo at a last call sale. :sad: My, how times have changed!:amazed:
  8. i think a big factor in the price change is the value of the dollar relative to the euro - ia few years ago, the dollar was really strong against the euro and now it's basically flipped and the euro is superstrong against the dollar. long story short, all stuff made in europe is getting more and more expensive in the states.