Velo vs. City

  1. Hi,
    Just wondering....I have a 05 first, that I LOVE, but it's a bit too small, I was looking online at teh city and velo, which is bigger? I can't seem to find dimensions, and I was hoping for some feed back from people who have / had both....I can't tell which is bigger / smaller....also someone mentioned the Town, is that bigger or smaller than the velo and city?
  2. The town is bigger than the first but smaller than a velo and a city.

    IMO a velo and city are comparable......

    The velo is longer than a city but not as wide. The strap on the velo is longer than a city strap so it can be worn crossbody.
  3. I find much much more fits in a velo. when I travel I can fit my laptop, water bottle, several magazines, etc all comfortably. that thing is deceptive. the city is way tighter.
  4. Velo base is wider, also taller hence documents can fit better in it. You can put A4 size in a City landscape wise but don't think you'll be able to zip the bag. Depends what use you need the bag for.
    if you have a First, there's no point getting a Town, they are too similar in size.
  5. yeah I guess that's why it feels so much bigger.. the base on the velo is quite roomy and then things can stand upright (like laptop or magazines) but they can also lay sideways if you prefer. with my cities i'd have to put mags or laptop in and i couldn't really zip it shut, and it looked stuffed. the velo never looks stuffed and I STUFF it.
  6. I can post pics soon of me cramming my velo :smile:
  7. Yay! Cant wait to see!
  8. I agree. I have a City and a Velo and I find the Velo is very large and deep.

    Velo: 13.5" W x 11" H x 6.5" D
    City: 15" W x 9.5" H x 5.5" D
  9. Bottled water can stand up right in the Velo and my B6 (I think) size diary.. also in the bag are my makeup purse, vanity purse, wallet
  10. I have had city and velo and velo is definitely bigger. I am loving it.
  11. Why do you prefer the velo over the city?
  12. Many reasons! 1. The shape of Velo is more flattering on me than the City. 2. I love big bags and the Velo is a little bigger than the City but not too big to wear everday. 3. I love wearing it crossbody, which I never thought I would. 4. I think the Giant Hardware (real giant) looks amazing on it. 5. And finally, the handles fit over my shoulders (without a jacket) and I love that too. Overall it is just awesome! :smile:

    The City is my second favorite though. I had a part time and did not care for the shape as much as the City. I love the shape of the Work but I think it is a tad too big for everday wear like going shopping and running errands.
  13. The Velo is bigger, but I found the City worked better on my short frame. The actual bag part hit too close to my bum-bum when worn crossbody - but I have the same problem with most crossbody bags.

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  14. you mean you can wear the city cross body?? :confused1:
  15. No you can't. The extra strap is too short for cross body.