Vegas Day Trip Haul


IG: quadruple_ec
Mar 7, 2014
This is my first time doing a reveal because although it's a small one, it's the most special one because of my wonderful DH and amazing SA. Let me do a backstory...

My father just recently passed away unexpectedly and quite tragically before Thanksgiving. So instead of going on vacation and visiting my SA in Vegas, we had to go back home. We told our SA and she was very understanding and sweet.

Of course since then I've been kinda depressed. Little did I know my DH has contacted my SA and reminded her my wishlist for this half of the year. And lo and behold he gets a call that there are possibly two that I can choose from. My DH called me and asked which one I wanted (although he already chose which one because he knew my taste). At first I wasn't hopeful because my SA said it's not for sure but she will try. Then in the afternoon she told my DH I got it! I couldn't believe it! Although it in no way compensates for the grief I've been feeling for my dad, it still made my holidays a little bit happier.

The story's getting too long and I might've bored you all to death already so here goes:



Jul 2, 2010
First and foremost please receive my condolences. No bag will ever compensate as you point out but I am happy to hear your wonderful DH called Hermés to try and get your a bag.

Now I am sitting here on the edge of my couch waiting for more pictures :smile:


More Coffee Please!
Nov 24, 2007
Please accept my condolences for your father's passing. It's very kind of your husband and SA to try and cheer you up during this difficult time. Remember to think about the happy memories and smile. :heart:


Nov 28, 2012
I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. How very thoughtful for you Dh to still follow up on your wish list though. Your Connie is divine! That red is just gorgeous. Like a little cherry! Beautiful scarves too.