Vegas and Marc Jacobs

  1. My sister is heading out to Vegas for the weekend and is begging me to find out for her if there is a Marc store in Las vegas and if so where is it. Is there a Marc by Marc store and a Marc store? Thanks all
  2. There's one in the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace.
  3. Hope she finds great stuff!
  4. It's just a Collection store, no Marc by Marc Jacobs. It's the 1st store as soon as you walk into the Caesars Place Forum Shops from the street entrance. 2 stores down there is a store called Scoop NYC, I was in vegas 2 weeks ago and they had a huge selection of MBMJ bags.
  5. Also, Neimans and Saks also carry MJ. I am going to Vegas in September and can't wait to visit the Forum shops and Fashion Show Mall. There are so many stores at that mall.
  6. There's also a place called Corsa Collections that carries MJ.
  7. I forgot about Corsa Collections. Isn't that in Forum Shops? I didn't realize they carried MJ.
  8. I'm off to Vegas next weekend and that forums MJ shop is my first stop!!!
  9. I love the store in teh Forum Shops but it is small.
    Don't forget about the department stores in Fashion Show Mall. Neimans, Saks, and Nordstroms carry MJ...
    oooh there is a store in the Wynn Bags Baubbles etc... on the right when you 1st walk in by valet. They carry MJ and some other great stuff.
  10. ^^agreed that the store in the new part of the Forum Shops is SUPER small! I was just there last weekend - they had the new stams with ostrich trim!