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  1. I can hardly wait to see the malachite.
    The green should look amazing with either the mop or the onyx.
    Medium perlee hoops sound like your perfect size.:smile:

  2. I have been wanting the Lucky bracelet in yellow gold... love the charms! It is so very hard to find the piece IRL, has anyone seen it or own it? I am waiting for my local store to get it in and the backorder is at least a few weeks out... if anyone has perspective on the piece, please lmk. It would be my first VCA!!
  3. Thanks for the feedback!
  4. i know when i was crawling along the floor to evade the light beams i kept getting tangled in my magic
  5. VCA just called, my necklace is already back! I'm going to pick it up tomorrow, so excited!!
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  6. ^^that was fast! i'm excited for you! you will have 3 butterflies dancing for you! please post lots of pictures! i'm still debating on the yellow or pink butterfly pendant and still have not seen them IRL!
  7. I have the same strategy!!!!

    I am going in March. Does VCA process the Hermes? My sister has been offered H bags on all of her trips and declined....not the right one....I think it has a lot to do with luck.

  8. Darn I missed the pics.... I've always wondered if I totally screwed up not getting this. I've never seen a picture of this layered and was afraid to have it shipped sight unseen! Congrats!
  9. Happy Bday!

    I can't wait to see a malachite piece!
  10. Yay!!! Can hardly wait to see:cool:
  11. I went through so many hoops to get this pair of Malachite earrings. After nearly one and a half years, they are finally with me. This pair was a part of London Selfridges' limited edition series for its opening back in 2011. I was so excited to hear about it, as I love emerald greens and want everything in emeralds. I had wired the deposit to Selfridges to secure a pair, as I was nowhere near London and had no prospects of going there any time soon. Since the deposit came in 3 payments, the British banking system alerted the authorities, and my deposit was frozen for several weeks! Finally, it went through and the pair was secured for me. It took another 9 months for me to be able to go to London, and I finally picked them up. Sadly, as soon as I arrived in the hotel, I noticed a crack in one of my the motifs. So I went back to Selfridges (Selfridges has exceptional customer service!) and they took it in for repair. They said that once the repair was done, it would be forwarded to my local boutique in San Francisco. I wait for many months, and the earring is still not returned to me. So I call Selfridges and they said the earring was back in London! LOL! :lol: Paris sent it back to London instead of forwarding to SF. Then there was this whole drama about how Selfridges can't mail it to me in SF because I would have to pay customs duties as high as $1000 USD. So it stayed in London, and now I have finally picked them up! :yahoo: :yahoo: I am a bit dismayed at the fact that VCA is going to release a new Malachite line universally after all, since I went through so much just to get my Malachite pair! But my baby is finally with me after a year and a half of hide and seek
  12. No, all they do is fill out the all the paperwork that you need to have but you still have to show it and mail it at the airport so allow yourself some time for that.
  13. Oh WOW dear 628628, they are stunning and definitely were worth the LONG wait and what a story that you have to pass down with them ;) Please wear them in good health and happiness always!
  14. 628628: Those are GORGEOUS!!
  15. They are stunning! What a drama you went through.
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