VCA Van Cleef & Arpels addiction - support group

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  1. A continuation of this thread.

    Please post all things VCA in this thread; questions, photos, VCA chat . . .

    **remember there's absolutely no buying or selling on tPF!**

  2. Whew, I was worried that this thread was closed when i saw it all grey in my subscription list.

    Yay! New thread!
  3. I am getting a 10 motif tiger's necklace eye today! Should be here within the hour. Woo hoo.
  4. I have bought from them before. They have a store on jewelers row in Philadelphia. Also if you direct buy from them you can get it for less. That pendant has been there for months and months.
  5. Yay! please add it to your family pics! :smile:))
  6. Here is my new addition....TE 10 motif. I like how it pairs with WMOP.
  7. Please post authenticity questions in our "Authenticate This Jewelry" thread :tender:
  8. so pretty beachy10! congrats!
  9. so gorgeous!
  10. Beautiful! Congratulations Beachy10!
  11. lovely!! great addition to start this thread with beachy10!!
  12. They look beautiful together!
  13. Yea!!!
    The tigers eye is so special.:smile:
    You might find that you want to add another ten looks great worn long as a twenty motif and is rarely seen.
  14. Your TE looks so pretty with mop!
    Honestly, the TE is so looks wonderful paired with a lot.
    Have you tried it with turquoise?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.