VCA Van Cleef & Arpels addiction - support group

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  1. Oh how so very VERY beuatiful!!!!! I love the pairing!

    I did not know sweets were made in onyx :nuts: atleast not the bracelets? :sweatdrop:
  2. Thanks! I LOVE the sweet pendant and cannot take it off!!! It's the LE gray MOP in PG, which was only available on VCA ONLINE STORE in JAPAN last October.:smile:
  3. What do y'all think if VCA rose gold? I'm thinking of either a Alhambra ring or Earclips-
  4. I'm thinking yes. But I LOVE rose gold.
  5. drool! and very jealous!! how did you get this for christmas? thought they were sold out!!
  6. Love my solid PG vintage alhambra necklace & earstuds! I wear them more than the onyx ones. Love the White/Pink(Rose) cool look!;)
  7. OHHH! Grey MOP?! That is even better!!! so so so special! Are there any closer photos of it somewhere here around the forum?? Would love to see them!
  8. :love:

  9. Does anyone know how much is the sweet alhambra in YG Clover MOP in the UK please? TIA
  10. I mean the necklace. TIA.
  11. So sweet I love this!!! Where is the ring from ?
  12. Thanks! Its from Frey Wille, An Austrian company wich is specialized in enamel jewelry..
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  13. image-916795723.jpg

    I did a very bad thing today and bought myself another piece of Van Cleef! Had to add the blue porcelain pendant to my collection :smile:. Btw, next to the lapis, the color looks almost the same unless you look closely.
  14. image-2342595104.jpg

    Here is a Bette shot of the color.
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