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  1. Hi girls

    I'm trying to beat the price increase and get a Alhambra bracelet

    Would u get

    1) turquoise YG
    2) cornelian YG
    3) lucky turquoise WG
    4) letter wood PG special edition

    Any suggestion is appreciated

    I currently have a MOP YG bracelet and pendant. : )
    And I mostly wear black for work and casual on weekends
    And I also wear a lot of navy blue
  2. I think the Cornelian YG is beautiful and would match perfectly with what you have!
  3. Do you know when the price increase is?
  4. I want to suggest the onyx. I know it's not on ur list. It's a personal favorite of mine. But if I have to choose between the four, I'd go with turquoise YG if u can find one. Good luck!
  5. Turquoise (if you can find it).
    The carnelian is beautiful but it can range from orange to deep red so you will need to explore this one a bit.
    Black is a great suggestion.
    The letterwood is nice and if you love it, a LE piece would a special find.
    Which one is your very favorite?
  6. Is turquoise eventually going to phased out like the coral?
  7. I would go for carnelian if you can get one with the shade of red that you like ,if not I would probably go for onyx
  8. What about waiting until Spring for malachite?

  9. At $3,300 do you thinks worth it? I do like the color and the pics doesn't show any gaps which I like. Does betteridge guarantee authenticity?
  10. Rumored to be in nov? I'm not sure. Info from the VCA addict thread.
  11. Cornelian YG is good. Go for it.
  12. I love the turquoise lucky WG, so my vote goes to it
  13. I just bought an VCA estate piece last week from Betteridge. Fantastic experience. I purchased my necklace in the afternoon and I got it Fedex the next morning. They are a VCA retailer so authenticity is not an issue.