VB's purse mystery is SOLVED!

  1. In case anyone cares, VB's bag (in the pic on the left) is NOT Louis Vuitton L'Ingénieux in croc but her own design for Samantha Thavasa hand bag line (pic on the right, the bag to her left).:nuts: Just thought I'd share!:flowers:
    vic_centlondondinner1.jpg untitled.jpg
  2. i didn't know she had a personal handbag line....to me it looks also like a miu miu....i'll try to find a pic....
    thanks for the info LV!:biggrin:
  3. Here is a HUGE pic so you can see all the details:

  4. i love her!!!!!!
  5. the bag is gooorgeous ..thaaaank u irene
  6. :yes: she is perfect
  7. Wow.. I am liking that bag!
  8. so cute!
  9. She's so hot! I love the bag but I am such a LV junkie!
  10. I want! I heard they are impossible to find?
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