Variations in Monogram Canvas?

  1. Anybody else notice that the texture and suppleness of their canvas pieces varies with the model? I know there were previous threads regarding variations in the color of the canvas, but I couldn't find any about this specific topic. Sorry if this is a duplicate, i'm not that savvy with searches.

    For example, my speedy 30's canvas is soooo soft and squishy. Basically it has no self-support when empty and will just cave in on itself from the weight of the handles! But for other hard-sided items like my damier manosque PM, or even my manhattan PM which is not hard-sided but stiffer, the bag is very structured and the canvas is more difficult to bend.
    Another example is my keepall 55 with shoulder strap attachments (very soft canvas) versus my evasion, which is more structured and stiff.

    The thought just came to me as I was reading the other thread about the lockit horizontal. I would expect that bag to be very hard-sided and structured, but was surprised when somebody described this one as soft.

    I think I prefer the supple canvas over the stiffer version. I wonder if this is a variation that actually occurs in the canvas (i.e. two bags made in separate factories may feel different) or if certain models are meant to be stiffer and include more reinforcements between the canvas and lining?

    Any thoughts? Which do you prefer? Thanks for your input in advance :love:
  2. I also think it depends if the canvas is lined. Speedies aren't lined with anything, neither is my Petit Noe.
  3. I donno about the canvas but my red Epi color is different. the new one is brighter than the old red.
  4. I think it may also depend on the age of the bag. For example, when I first bought my Speedy 35, it was really stiff. As its aged, the canvas has gotten more supple. I think use plays into this as well.
  5. ^^I'm with Kristan. Speedys aren't lined with anything and neither are the Keepalls. My Cartouchiere and Bel Air are lined in leather. The in between layers are meshed in nylon along with the vachetta trim which incidentally does make the canvas bags stiffer.
  6. You're probably right! I forgot to mention that once I left my speedy on our hot tub during a summer day, hoping that it would patina! I remember after bringing it inside, it was REALLY soft and smelled strongly of canvas! I hope I didn't do any damage to my bag!