Vanessa Minnillo on the Set of her Photo Shoot for Flirt! Cosmetics

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  2. very pretty!

    isn't it weird how Jessica dyed her hair that same color?

  3. lol ur right! I think shes gougeous!
  4. This whole thing reminds me of Jessica Simpson and her Dessert Line
  5. Aghh can't stand her and her fake smiles.
  6. Meh.
  7. That is the first thing I thought!:nuts:
  8. what evs--not interested by her shilling for them at all
  9. I wish I have a body like hers.
  10. isnt it weird how Vanessa is coming out with a cosmetics line called flirt almost like dessert
  11. ~I agree...

    when I saw these pix I was like... so dessert much?

    The fake cake looks really cheap and awful
  12. oww!!she is so cute :biggrin:
  13. She looks nice. I'm more into the cake, it looks so yummy.
  14. She is a beautiful woman
  15. She is very pretty.

    But, yeah, I agree. The whole thing reminds me of Jessica's line.