Vancouver Minkettes?

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  1. Hey ladies!

    Any fellow Minkettes living in Vancouver? I've started seeing a few more RM bags around this city...Anyways, anyone interested in trying to have a Vancouver meet up?
  2. I'm newly introduced to this brand. Happened to stumble on it shopping around. I bought my first bag online so hoping I'm going to like it
  3. Welcome to the RM world ahhgoo! Which bag did you get?
  4. Hi Vancouver Minkettes!!!

    I'm a huge RM fan living in Vancouver, and really happy to see that RM has been growing a fan base here! Would love to have a meetup!
  5. I got the Desire Croc embossed satchel. Loving the structure of this and the fact that I don't have to baby it. :smile:

  6. Congrats!! She's gorgeous! :smile: