Valextra VS HERMES

  1. So, I have been curious about the Goyard allure since I first read an article about them being the chicest bag to carry in Paris in some obscure fashion magazine some years ago.
    And I bought the biggest Goyard I could carry everyday and love it. That pattern is genius.
    Around the same time I read about Valextra. I see ads here and there these days, and often I hear them compared to Hermes as Itay's H. Who here owns Valextra and how does it compare to Hermes? The simplicity is similar, but I hear Valextra is even more expensive than H. and that their quality is even more superior.

  2. Never heard of Valextra.
  3. Valextra is cheaper than Hermes.
    Also great quality,although i feel the different when i touch the leather...
    And they have not so much different styles as not as big selection on colours,leather-types.
  4. Valextra? Hmmmmm.....gotta check it out when I'm in Italy next week. Although I don't know why.....nothing can take the place of Hermes in my life......
  5. Valextra
  6. Yeah, honestly it's no comparison.
  7. Never heard of it! I will check out the link you gave though!
  8. Never heard of Valextra, although when I first read it I thought it was some sort of expensive pill ...:upsidedown:
  9. Ditto, tell me more....
  10. LOL, you're right!
  11. i love goyard but i don't know what valextra is.

    it's google time.....
  12. Valextra was an old company that was bought over and they are trying to get it back into the luxury market. The bags are very structured and IMO pretty boring. Very boxey and akward. Saks has them, maybe Neiman Marcus as well. Basically, I don't like them.
  13. Valextra leather is nice but i found their bags rather on the conservative side.
  14. I remember seeing their luggage line in NM's christmas book last year:rolleyes:
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