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  1. Ladies, let's chat about our love for Valentino shoes here. Please share photos of your Valentino shoes or any that are on your Wish List, as well as any great deals on Valentino shoes that you've recently come across. Don't forget to share any information such as shoe style, SKU #, retail/sale price, season, etc. that you feel is appropriate.
  2. I'll start with my recent and very first Valentino shoe acquisition...

    Lace ballet flats
    Color: Black/blush
    SKU #: 8033796528078
    Retail price: $545 USD
    Sale price: $185.21 USD (purchased through Nordstrom)

  3. I LOVE these Valentino flip flops, so cute!!


    Price: $275
    Season: SS 2010
    Valentino flip flop.jpg
  4. Expy, your flats were an AMAZING deal!!! wow!

    i love the espadrilles as well :smile: :tender: too bad i can't afford 'em

    Uploaded with
  5. love valentino! have to get my first pair though!
  6. this is what ive been eyeing for!:yahoo:
  7. oops no pic sorry!
  8. let me try again!;)
  9. ^:drool: those would be great with skinny jeans!
  10. Thank you, Linhhhuynh. I've got a great Nordies shoe SA that managed to track down the flats for me. Too bad that the black/athracite flats are all sold out though.

    Don't give up on the leather espadrilles just yet as Saks if having their F&F event sometime in April. They'll usually offer a 20% discount on most designers unless Valentino gets excluded from the event this time around. Also, Nordies may have a designer shoe sale in May but I don't know if Valentino will be included.
  11. ^even if there is a discount, unless they get ridiculously cheap i won't be able to afford them still :smile: maybe if i ever find them on eBay
  12. ^^ Just keep an eye on them and write down the style number and/or UPC #. That way an SA can help track them down for you when they go on a second mark down. That's usually how I luck out in finding the majority of my designer shoes as I tend to use the shoe savings to help fund my hand bag purchases.

  13. I saw those on sale for a really great price on either the Sak or NM web site just a few days ago. The boots are gorgeous!!
Thread Status:
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