Valentino bag w/Swarovski Crystal...Age appropriate???

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  1. Hi all,:smile:

    I'm thinking of buying this Valentino bag in another color. It looks exactly like this one,only it's a light metalic winter white. But it has me wondering. :wondering I love the Swarovski crystal on it,but is it too "blingy" for a gal in her late 40's? The pic doesn't give the crystal justice. IRL it shines & glistens. Very pretty,IMO.:heart: So I am wondering...should I or shouldn't I? :girlsigh: I think I'm at that age where some things now become age appropriate. Is this one of them???:thinking:Any input is appreciated. TIA:flowers:
  2. I think that bag is perfect for your age and really any age. You don't have to be 18 to rock that beauty or any other bag you love. Buy it and enjoy it!

    It's Valentino! :heart:
  3. It will look lovely, don't fret about age-appropriate! It's more attitude and what suits your personal style than anything else!

    If you keep the rest of the look quite monotone/matt, it will really make the bag shine.

    Let us know if you get it or not! :heart:
  4. Thanks for the encouragement Grace123 & Little Tiger.;)

    Little Tiger - It's definitely my style!:heart: I seem to be attracted to glitter and shine!:nuts:
  5. Its a really nice bag, great color and shine. Its really whatever you like though. If you like it, you should definitely get it. You only live life once, no one else is living it for you, so it doesn't matter if anyone else approves or thinks its age appropriate or not for you...And you can do any handbag as long as it goes with your outfit and occassion

  6. What she said.:P
  7. I'm almost 43 and I say, "bling it out!"
  8. Thanks for your responses LushBoutique,JAP4life and No Cute. You guys are absolutely right. Thanks for your thoughts & encouragement.;) I will post some pics when I get her next month.:heart: