Valentine's Day goodies?

  1. So...Valentine's Day is almost here. Of course, my husband knows that I am strictly a purse girl or more specifically a COACH girl. But being the sneaky individual that I am...I emailed him my Coach wishlist as a **hint hint** Mostly it's small things like wristlets and charms since I just received a very unexpected Large Madeline signature tote in khaki/white about 2 1/2 weeks I am not really expecting anything big for Valentine's day. I am drooling after the flower motiff swing pack or the top handle pouch because I just LOVEEE the flower motiff, but...who knows. :s:confused1:

    So are any of you expecting Coach goodies for Valentine's day from your loved ones and if so what are your wishlist?
  2. hubby bought me a bleeker wristlet in black sig
  3. No Coach requests from me, but my husband just bought himself and my daughter an Ipod Touch and I keep asking him if I can borrow it! He doesn't play well with other children, and sharing is not his forte, so maybe if I keep wanting to borrow his, he'll get me my own!!! They are major electronic/technology nuts, and I ususally wind up with everyone's hand-me-downs!
  4. I'm going to take hubby to the mall this weekend and "CASUALLY" walk into the Coach store and "CASUALLY" ooh and aah over the red/pink flower charm. :sneaky:
  5. Yep! My Med Carly with beet trim is on its way and im sooooo excited!! :smile:
  6. I emailed him my wishlist of wristlets and charms...I'm hoping to get something from my list.
  7. Sneaky Petey! I love it :supacool:
  8. I just wanna cuddle with my hubby:love:
  9. Loooooove is in the air :tender:
  10. I wasn't asking for anything, and we are trying REALLY hard to pay off some debt :rolleyes: but when I found that heritage swingpack I have been looking at for $79 including shipping, I had to get it! So that is my Valentine's present.. and I am more than grateful to get it! Oh yeah, and to still be healthy and in my home with my great dh, and 3 wonderful kids!!!! I am starting to appreciate those things even more lately with the way our economy is and dh's job is going. :wondering
  11. LOL that is too funny. I have the red/pink flower charm on my wishlist that I emailed my hubby too. Hope we both get it! :supacool:
  12. I've sent my wishlist to hubby, but he sees no need for the pretties. He feels it's all a great waste of money so I doubt I'll be getting anything. Heck, I didn't even get anything (at all) from him for Christmas. :rolleyes:
  13. I am on a great big BAN because I just bought my ergo tote and our goal this year is to pay off credit cards. It's OK, because truthfully my collection has gotten a little out of hand, and now I spend a bit too much time trying to decide on what to use. Just laughed when I read this - the only gift option for me is Coach, so if a ban is in place then I don't expect any presents!