Valentine Hearts - Coeurs Pomme d'Amour Charm

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  1. My DH mananged to keep it under wraps until 14-Feb. He's normally not good at keeping secrets :smile:

    So love the hearts :biggrin:


  2. Very pretty ! Congrats ! :yes:

    Which bag have you been hanging it on ?
  3. So cute! Enjoy
  4. That is very pretty, congrats!
  5. So pretty!! Really tempted to ask DH to get one for me too...he's now staying at a business hotel NEXT TO an LV store! :biggrin:
  6. Lovely hearts!! :heart: Congrats!!
  7. great charm! congrats!
  8. I have it on the Vernis Wilshire Amarante. Hmm ... I ought to get my DH to take a picture of them together.
  9. Pretty!
  10. Lovely charm. Congrats!
  11. Now that is sweet~~
  12. So lovely! Congrats!
  13. What a pretty charm!
  14. Gasp! I love this, I must have one of these!
    Kudos to your DH, he done good!
  15. Gorgeous!