Valentina's TinaD's Bag Collection ***

  1. beautiful collection
  2. Great collection! What's the new bbag you got?
  3. I luv all ur Balenciaga!!!!! Gorgeous collection!!
  4. Thank you so much!!!
    Thankk you i baby the Miu Miu like no other!

    Haha not green butttttt.... scroll down and see =]

    Thanks so much!

    haha i think the leopard tie might be my favorite too! :p

    here it is!!! its my mystery blue/gray/green! if anyone knows the color feel free to help me out!

  5. What a beautiful collection-love the diversity!
  6. ooh, cute! Is that anthracite? dark night or canard? Its absolutely lovely!
    Have you put it up for the more knowledgeable bbag girls to identify the color?

  7. haha yes i have and we were actually debating between those three colors and kind of set out mind on anthracite but i think its a bit more blueish in real life therefore its my little mystery bag that i love :heart:
  8. Wow, that's some beautiful bags you got there Valentina!
  9. Beautiful bags.
  10. sooo i got a new addition to my Bal family ;]
  11. Breathtaking! Love it!
  12. Your balenciaga collection is TDF!
  13. resold so many of my bags but got new additions! whose ready to see some ;]
  14. The more I see the balenciaga bags the more I want one! Great collection!
  15. I love the Miu Miu.