Vachette Grainee Ardenne Leather?

  1. I couldn't find the exact match in the references section for Vachette Grainee Ardenne Leather.

    Can anyone tell me about the durability of this in black? Is it light? Water proof? Floopy? Scratch resistant? I wanted togo leather, but may have a chance to get a birkin in the vachette grainee ardenne leather. Please any input would be great! Thanks in advance!
  2. i have a rouge vif in ardennes. the leather is not floopy it is quite stiff. it is grainy, it is also heavy but it is resilient. you can just wipe it off when it gets wet. it is one of my favorite bags!
  3. Thanks! Is it a good leather as an everyday workhorse type of bag?
  4. Yes, it is a great workhorse kind of leather. I have a natural ardennes birkin. This leather is shinier and stiffer than togo but like togo is great in rain, is scratch resistant and IMO slightly lighter weight. It's a great leather that I wish was still available. I recommend it.