vachetta replacement on specific bags

  1. has anyone replaced the vachetta on a manhattan PM? any price range you can provide for me? i dont' want to bring my bag in and then have them tell me it's so expensive!

    thanks! :yes:
  2. no idea just giving a bump but I was told recently you can only have the vachetta replaced once in the life of the bag other wise the canvas splits as the stitch holes get too big
  3. ^^^ woww i did not know that. what about just handles? like on a speedy? would they be able to just take the metal part off rather then taking the stitching out of the actual bag?
  4. I would love to now how much it would cost to have my bags replaced.
  5. I just took my next-to-new blue denim neo speedy in to have the handles replaced (run-in w/my son's not yet dry henna tattoo while on vacation but we won't talk about that :crybaby:). Cost was $75 per handle so I had both replaced. Takes 4-6 weeks, is done in California. The boutiques have a pricelist for replacements so you can call and find out the price of anything you are wanting replaced. I bought this bag new so after the handle replacement this denim bag will be one of my most expensive LV pieces - but I love it soooo much!.
  6. I just called 866-VUITTON. They are pretty good about giving a ballpark estimate on vachetta replacement or any repairs. The best way to know is to take it into the boutique of course.
    Best of luck to you!
  7. i talked to a SA at SCP and she basically refused to give me a quote through the phone etc. let me call 866.
  8. I guess it'd depend on the shade of patina
  9. wow, the replacement of each handle on the manhattan PM is $119. but they weren't able to answer whether the tab will be replaced. and they also have no information on the guessing it's around $400..

    does anyone know?
  10. ^^^^^

    $400 ??? yikes !!!!