Vache Liegee Owners


Mar 9, 2006
Anyone who owns VL...I was wondering what you all think of the leather as you have been carrying/using/owning your bags. Any thoughts either positive or negative.

I know it is a fairly new leather, so I would welcome any thoughts.
My bolide is in VL thoughts are...I don't think it's as light as others's very rigid...which I think will be good long term...of course I haven't had the bag all that long and alternate so it's not being used solely...will have to report back down the road I guess!! I would guess it's very durable - mine is indigo so no wearing to anything which is a plus!
I been offered a few bags in VL and had the opportunity to handle the bags. I can't bring myself to buy them coz I don't like the feel of the leather...(the same for epsom). To me, it lacks the lovely tactile sensation that I get from box, togo, clemence and chevre...and its too stiff
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It would have to be in a really amazing color (rose indiene?) to tempt me... it would be my birkin leather of last resort (as with epsom).

But you may feel you should feel/handle it for yourself... I did and didnt like it one bit..Hope I didnt offend any VL fans out there
What I don't understand is why does it cost more than other leathers, and it's not a very popular or appealing leather.....Even my SA has told me quite frankly that she doesn't like it...
I know HG...I am not as good as you are with remembering. I am losing my mind and forgot to commit to memory or notate it. Sorry! (I swear I really think it has something to do with having three little kids...I have brain fry)
I do not own VL but would not totally rule it out without more investigation. But, I saw it twice at two boutiques and did not really appreciate it for the reasons given by our other Ladies.

If you look at pictures of VL up close, you see that the grain is almost flat and I am assuming ( dangerous thing to do, I know ) that the flat appearance might be because of all the stretching involved in it's production.

As for cost, I believe it has to do with how it's treated...there's a lot of work involved including the stretching it to get it ready to be made into our H pieces.

I did see a friend's VL Kelly 32 in Noisette and it was stunning and I feel, she is pleased with it's durablity....which may end up being VL's main claim to fame.
I agree Isus that the durability factor may win it over....I totally feel that the chevre, which I love dearly, well the corners of that birkin wore quite harsh for the little I used it...I think in a kelly or something it would be great...I think I would like another bolide in a smooshy leather eventually!! But my indigo is staying with me as it's overall a perfect H bag!!
I've seen it up close and personal a number of times and each time I see/handle it I'm hoping will be the time I fall in love with it.....but.......hasn't happened yet.

It reminds me too much of Epson which I do not like.......has the same properties with the addition of being some-what two toned in color. I don't care for it and have passed on bags I might have been tempted to buy simply because of this leather. (please don't fry me V-L lovers of the world.....) .....(no throwing tomatoes, either!!!)