Vacanze Avventura PIC!!

  1. Yeah, I noticed Jess already had that and a pic of the Vacanze Zucca posted on her signature. Have you seen the Zucca yet? It's beautiful...

  2. No..are they already being sold somewhere? I have a gioco pre-ordered!!
  3. No, not out until October. It was a preview spread in Giantpeachnews. Jessaka has a link to it in her signature.
  4. Just saw it..I LOVE the Zucca!!!
  5. Yeahhh I had it on my sig for a few days now. I didn't make a new thread about it becuase I wasn't sure if someone else already did and didn't want my head chewed off lolz.

    and off topic did anyone see that adios and ciao ciao hat?!
  7. It's cute :yes: I still don't think I'm going to get anything in this print, though... it does look nice on the bags :tup:
  8. sooooo cute! i need one of those! too bad the pulse preorder list is full for the avventura and zucca :crybaby:
  9. Someone will carry it. Nords or I don't have anything on preorder for vacanze with pulse. I figured I wanted to wait and see what the print looks like on the bags.
  10. :drool: I can't wait to get my hands on that print!! :love::love::love:
  11. The print is a bit too busy for me (I'd get it on a smaller bag) but it's soooo cute!
  12. i cant WAIT! planning on getting vacanze in zucca, BV, n dolce...maybe a campeggio too? hahaha we'll have to see ;]
  13. Omg Its Beautifull!!! I Cant Wait For My Zucca!!!! :d
  14. i plan to get 3 or 4 things in this print SO so excited now :heart: