UUUGH - Ebay sellers

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  1. I need to vent my anger. I have been looking for a reasonably priced Chloe python bag for months. One was listed last night on Ebay. I e-mailed the seller and asked if she had a Buy It Now (many if her items did). She told me to make an offer. I did. The she never responded again....and she raised her price to my offer! I e-mailed her again asking why and she never responded. I am pretty upset. This has never happened to me before. Do you think this is a common thing for sellers to do? To me - it's just not cool.
  2. Anns, I think we should all just boycott eBay (at least for bag-related purchases). The sellers seem to be getting more and more unscrupulous, and the bags more and more FAKE! eBay is allowing people to list so-called "five star" replicas as actual bags and charge ACTUAL bag prices, and they really don't provide any solid protection for the consumers. Now maybe your seller meant to add a BIN price and accidentally changed the wrong price...but it sounds to me like the seller was just being greedy. Keep looking...you will find your bag!
  3. I agree. I hate EBAY!!! The number of fakes out there is criminal and the reality is that EBAY really doesn't care about the people who get screwed over in the process as long as they get their posting fees. I hope Tiffany hands it to them in their courtcase.

    Ok... maybe it does sound a bit angry... Granted there are some honest people out there who simply want to sell their bag... but the majority of them are frauds! :evil:
  4. ^^ Amen, sister!
  5. I just went back to check on the bag and the auction has been stopped because "the item is no longer available for sale". So the seller sold it to someone else after raising the price to my offer.
  6. Wow, I would be furious. Unless she didn't know how to add BIN and stopped it to sell to YOU?
  7. She has 3482 feedbacks. I am pretty sure she did it on purpose. It just upsets me because I was so excited at maybe getting it.
  8. Wow, that's so incredibly rude. What is wrong with people? The same online 'veil' that allows some sellers to sell fakes also allows them to act without common courtesy.... although I guess I've met plenty of rude people IRL!
  9. Honestly, not to be catty, but - I would definitely boycott that seller. I am not advocating open bashing; but, I am going to PM you for the name of the seller.

    This is my rationale - I have asked people the same question you asked - and you know what I am perfectly fine being told "NO", "are you serious", "not if you were the last buyer on earth" - whatever, but - to ignore the offer and then raise the auction to that starting price is just hoity!!

    I am sorry, but there are plenty of great sellers out there and I personally just don't feel that I need to support the crappy ones.

    I don't go to restaurants that give bad service, boutiques that are rude, etc...why give my money to an Ebay seller who is rude with bad service.

    No No, Ann - you are a business owner, you know that you would not treat potential customers that way. You have every right to expect the type of treatment than you dole out daily.

    like I said - plenty of ebay sellers out there - we should not support the ones who act poorly. :hrmm:
  10. Well said Loganz!
  11. Yes well said!
  12. Thank you for your support. I always strive for the best customer service, but I guess not everyone else does. I would also rather spend my money with an honest seller.
  13. Just a suggestion, but can you also post this in the seller watch area? That is a great avenue to check out and see if any ebay auctioneers are sketchy. :huh:
  14. My computer went wacky on me yesterday, so I missed a day on the forum. I spoke with the seller and cleared the air. All is good and it was an honest mistake - and partly my fault. She does not deserve to be in the seller watch. Thanks for all your input. It made me feel better when I was very frustrated.
  15. tell me what bag you want, maybe i can help you!