USPS Shipping Question, Insurance over $200 requires signature?

  1. I was just at the post office mailing out a bag and the post office guy told me I didn't need the signature confirmation since I was purchasing insurance for over $200. I have never heard of this before. Is it true? I asked him if he was sure and he said he has been with the post office since '85 and was very sure. The postmaster was right next to him so I can't imagine he would be wrong and not be corrected by the postmaster. Is that good enough for paypal or do you still need to purchase the extra signature delivery?

  2. No, it's not good enough for paypal. USPS requires their carriers to get a signature for items insured for over $200, but thats for internal purposes only. If you want a proof of signature retained or delivered to you that's an additional service.
  3. Well damn. I hope I don't get screwed. I was going to go ahead and purchase it.. money was not the issue.. Just the guy keep telling me I didn't need it!
  4. Yea they think they are being helpful, but nope...Paypal requires the signature confirmation! I usually just respond by telling them that it is a Paypal requirement. However, push comes to shove you CAN get the info from the postmaster!!!
  5. I will make sure to keep my receipts and if there is a problem I WILL be knocking on that postmaster's door! Now I am scared... I hope the buyer is honest. I can not wait to have all my bags sold so I can give up eBay forever. Its just too much..
  6. This kind of scares me too. I wrote in another thread that I have a buyer that filed a dispute because she claims she did not receive the bag, that the tracking number said it was delivered but it was not. I called the PO, it said it was delivered and signed for, but I did not have a signature confirmation on it as a separate service. Great. I also kept my receipts. I'm with you Taralindsey. I'm selling the stuff that needs to go and no more eBay!
  7. Definitely always get the signature confo so that you have the person who signed for
    it as soon as it was delivered. I had a problem once and it was a nightmare! Had to open a claim etc. It took 60 days to clear up and of course the PO did not want to
    give me the information.....fortunately it all worked out :yes: but now I always get sig.
    confo. no matter what.
  8. I did get the name of the person who signed for it. I sent my package to a business and I'm willing to bet that one of the buyer's employees signed for it and set it down somewhere. Good times!
  9. While Insurance do require signature from the receiver, it is not trackable online and that's what PayPal asks for. If something goes wrong you have to go directly to the post office to obtain the signature and proof of delivery. Good Luck!
  10. The Post Master at my PO told me that signatures are required on all packages over $1000, so I wonder why PO employees are so confused about the amount. I always ship with sig conf. Anytime you ship an item, there are things that can go wrong. Most of the time, they don't, so don't panic. I just like to do a little CYA when I can. :rolleyes:

  11. So I will be able to get the proof of delivery and signature if I go to the post office and ask for it? Wow, I am learning a lot today.
  12. USPS does that crap to me all the time! I have a regular post office I ship from, and unless there is a new clerk on duty they know I'm going to insist on insurance and signature confirmation. But when I recently took a package to a different post office, the clerk actually took my signature confirmation slip and started to tear it up, while handing me a delivery confirmation slip and explaining that since I had $500 insurance on it, it would be signed for! I said, NO, I want sig confirmation as well. She said "I'm not sure the system will let me do that." And I said, "It will, I do it online ALL the time."

    It must suck knowing less than your customers do about your own job!! ;)
  13. Yes, you have to physically take the slip down, but you can indeed get it. I shipped once with delivery confirmation and insurance (this was back when all insurance required a signature) and she claimed she didn't get it. Turns out it was signed for by someone in the manager's office. So yes, you can get it! It's just annoying...but when you could possibly be out a lot of money it is worth the effort.

    And the new rules are ANY insurance OVER $200 requires a signature. No if, ands, or buts about it! Anything under $200 is just scanned and left at the home.

    My general consensus with PO employees is that many of them are ill-informed of policies regarding delivery confirmation, insurance, signature confirmation, and international mailing. It is quite pathetic.
  14. Unfortunately, I think that is the norm at the post office.
  15. I hear what everyone is saying...

    but Tara if they file and you needed a copy of the signed insurance form I am sure you can get the Postmaster to get you one.

    FYI- I have had MANY packages left on my porch when I KNOW the insurance was more than $50 (that is what the limit used to be). So, I would be safe rather than sorry and request the sig confirmation anyway. That way if they DO NOT get it and you paid it is on them.