USPS lost my package and I need to make a claim..

  1. what exactly is involved in this process? I purchased a watch from a reputable eBay seller, paid with BidPay (which is no longer is business), and the seller sent the package insured and with signature required at deliverty. I wasn't home when the package was delivered so they left a slip, and when I went to the PO to retrieve it, they couldn't find it!!!:wtf: They said they would keep looking for the package, were "confident" they would find it, and would redeliver it. I left the signed slip in my mailbox for good measure in case they needed that, even though they made a photocopy of the signed slip at the PO. I still haven't seen my package. And all of this happened on Monday. :sad: I figure I'll wait a few more days for it to turn up and then file a claim.

    I'm sure that USPS will require some info from the seller. I have the tracking #, and I also, thank god b/c I never do this, had the package insured for like $50 less than what I paid, so I should be able to recoup most funds. Has anyone had to do this before?? I'm not sure what the timeframe will be, and I really want my watch.:crybaby:
  2. I don't think it was a good idea to sign for the item before you had it in your possession - - -

    I have never had to make a claim and honestly I thought it was the seller (shipper) who had to make it... You might go ahead and contact them and let them know what has happened. Personally - as a seller I would rather hear this sort of thing in a phone call as opposed to seeing it in an email-that way you can relay exactly what has happend... JMO

    Good Luck ~ Maybe they will find it?!?!!
  3. The slip that I signed was the one the PO left in my mailbox: I could either sign it and leave it to authorize redelivery or take the slip to the PO to physically pick up the package myself. So I don't think it's a bad thing that I signed it and left it. I really hope this package is just floating around on some mail truck, waiting to be delivered...

    Since I paid for it and the funds have already cleared, I think I have to be the one who makes the claim. Thankfully, the shipper has been very accomodating, as this is no one's fault but the PO's, so I'm sure I'll have no problem getting the info I need from him. But thank god for insurance!!!
  4. And USPS hasn't contacted you with additional information yet? I'm really surprised they're not more proactive - the lost your package! I've never had this happen to me, but I'm hoping they find your watch and soon!
  5. You know I'm going through the same thing. I've never had the post office lose a package before. I filed my insurance claim on the USPS website. I just needed my tracking number and my receipt of payment (mine happened to be an Eluxury return. THANK GOD I insured it). You can also download the form and fill it out manually and take it into the PO is you prefer that.

    What I don't understand though, is they state it takes 10 days to process but I haven't heard a thing. No email, no phone call, nothing. Does anyone know how long it actually takes?
  6. O - I - C...:okay:

    Well let's cross our fingers they come up with it soon... Surely it wasn't returned to the shipper as undeliverable? :shrugs:
  7. I hope it turns up -- I think if it made it to your local post office to go out for delivery, there's a good chance it will. I had something similar happen with DHL before Christmas. I sold a bag to someone, sent it DHL two-day shipping, insured (for over $1000.) It went out for delivery once, and then they couldn't find it for like a week. I was getting frantic, because I couldn't even get through to them on any of the phone numbers because of the Christmas backlog. The rare times I could get through, I couldn't believe how nonchalant they were, given the size of the claim they were going to have to pay out if they didn't find it. Finally, about a week late, it turned up and they delivered it!! So there's hope!!
  8. Did they refund any shipping fees?
  9. Ok, Your mail carrier might have still had the package and your lines of communication got messed up. When did they try to deliver it?
  10. If it is indeed lost, the seller is responsible to file the insurance claim to get the insurance money. Hopefully they find it and you don't have to worry about it. I've never had USPS lose a package, but have had to file a few claims for the insurance on international shipments. That process is pretty lengthly, but USPS has been great about sending checks for the insurance money. The process for a domestic package should be a lot quicker, but the shipper has to initiate the claim. Good luck, and I hope you get your package soon! :smile:
  11. They said they would, but, you know, I haven't checked to see if they actually did. I work for a company that does a ton of DHL shipping, so we get discounted fees, and the shipping cost was something like $15, not a huge issue (the insurance was way more, but I don't think they'd refund that.) The whole thing was just bizarre - had things like a Sunday night delivery attempt. The rep that said she'd refund the shipping fee looked at the history and was like, "Do you mind if I put you on hold and get my supervisor? This one just looks really strange."

    Oh, and I did refund the buyer her shipping fee because I felt bad charging her for expedited shipping when it took a week, even though it wasn't my fault.

    But, in any case, my package did eventually turn up at the local station after Xmas, so all's well that ends well. Still hoping that this one will too for the OP. Sassy, did it show up yet?
  12. I believe you have to wait 15 days(from ship date) then file the claim you or your seller can do that you need the org. receipt of when insurance was purchased (no photo copied rec. will be accepted)

    I had a lost watch in the mail I was 1 day shy of filing the claim when it was found, keep on the po for finding your package, I did I called everyday looking for my watch. They were glad to be rid of me, but being pushy helped my cause
  13. That sucks, sorry this happened to you. Hopefully they find your package soon. :yes:
    Keep on it cuz the P.O. isn't likely to remember to get back to you.
  14. I am not sure how bidpay works... but if it was paypal, you could file a claim that it never arrived and get your money back. Insuring a package is the sellers responsibility
  15. I just wanted to post here since I have been looking on the forum for someone that has the same issue as myself... I didn't purchase something from eBay but rather Revolve Clothing... a purse of course... :tup: . I went thru USPS, and on their website it states my package as being "delivered" on Friday... I live in a apartment complex, but there is no way I would have any issue on not getting my package... I even called USPS, and they stated that my package claims it is "delivered"... I even checked with the rental luck, the USPS lady spoke with the driver of the truck who supposedly rememered ALL the deliveries he made yesterday (Friday) and said that he just left it in front of the door, which would be IMPOSSIBLE consdering I placed a post-it note saying not to leave item here if no one is home and to deliver it to the rental office... my package is MIA right now... i didn't put insurance on it because it was never offered thru Revolve Clothing... how do you go abouts putting insurance on a package when its not offered to you on their website? I'm so :crybaby:SO upset... i haven't been this upset in such a long time... i always get all my packages and rarely order online... the only person to blame is the delivery guy who said he just left it in front of the door... the USPS lady said that if i don't have insurance, there is nothing they can do... she's checking more into this, but not til MONDAY! ughh... so hard to wait this long... any advice? GOOSE FRABA! (from Anger Management)