USPS: Item has been in Limbo for 3 days now

  1. HI guys,

    Just wanted to ask if any of you has had any experience with USPS like this: Item has departed from a certain sort facility and has not updated for 3 days now. The sort facility is in the same state where I live so i think its impossible that it will take 3 days for it to get to my town! Have you guys had any experience like this where the tracking just stopped? I dont know who I can ask where the item is now since if I call USPS they will probably tell me the same thing that's on the tracking info. Below is what the tracking is saying:


    Depart USPS Sort Facility

    May 22, 2012


    Processed through USPS Sort Facility

    May 22, 2012, 12:53 am


    Depart USPS Sort Facility

    May 21, 2012

    BETHPAGE, NY 11714

    Processed through USPS Sort Facility

    May 20, 2012, 5:12 pm

    BETHPAGE, NY 11714

    Processed Through Sort Facility

    May 16, 2012, 12:36 am


    Origin Post is Preparing Shipment
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    Yes, I had this happen to me as a seller, and my buyer never got her package. :mad: Tracking fully halted and never updated for months (this was back in December). :wtf: I called my post office and her post office. There wasn't anything they could do (I didn't have insurance on the package). It was basically considered a lost package. :tumbleweed: In the end, I chalked it up to one of the following conclusions: the package was never scanned at the point of delivery (whether it actually arrived to my buyer or to someone else entirely is up for debate); it was stolen; or it was just truly lost.
  3. I've had that happen before too, I called USPS and they looked in to it for me. what ended up happening was my city and state were correct but my zip code some how got inverted by the sender so the package bounced around at different facilities for a few days and it finally arrived to me. I would give them a call OP, can't hurt :smile:
  4. I would call USPS...

  5. Oh my. Im not sure if my seller put insurance on the package =( I probably will get my money back if I dont receive it since i paid through paypal but I dont want my seller to be out of money and a bag as she seemed like a really nice person.

    Who should I call? should I call the sort facility where it left or my local post office? thanks ladies
  6. That is very kind of you. :buttercup: You will definitely get your money back if the bag turns out to be lost, and yes, unfortunately your seller will be out the bag and money if no insurance was tacked on.

    I had to call both locations. I checked with the sorting facility and spoke with the postmaster there, as well as the postmaster of the post office from where I mailed it. It could've been worse, I suppose. The item was $50-ish. Lesson learned.
  7. I talked to our post office this morning. The lady I talked to said to wait til Tuesday. She said that since it was sent 1st class mail its probably still in the truck not scanned yet. I asked her if its possible that its been sitting in the truck for 4 days now and she said yes she worked in the sort facility before and that I wouldnt believe the volume of mails they get. She also said that with the holiday on Monday, they would be able to clear the backlog.

    Im not really sure though what my seller was thinking mailing an expensive item through 1st class mail. sigh!
  8. Actually, yes, I've heard of packages sitting on the truck for days because they somehow slip through the USPS bins inadvertently and getting underneath the seat or what-not. Well, let's hope that it's the case for your bag and it'll turn up by Tuesday. :smile:

    I'm flabbergasted by this, too! How did your seller manage to send it via first class mail...what kind of bag was it? Was it a lightweight cotton tote that's foldable? First class mail can't exceed 13 oz so I'm surprised it qualified for first class!
  9. I had something similar happen with a package. Call the 1-800 number for the post office and open an investiagtion. For me, the box had fallen off the 'belt' (the po's words) and was found after they sent someone to look for it.

    Its very likely that its not lost but needs have have a person trace the package to see where it is. I have been shipping and receiving packages for 12 years through eBay and have never had a package get lost but have had to open a few investigations when a few packages were derailed.
  10. Way too early to worry about it.

  11. i agree. first class is slow on a good day but it was mailed first class with a holiday/weekend happening during the transit time. even slower.