USPS Did NOT scan package, Paypal denied claim!

  1. Ladies,

    I purchased a fake Chloe paddington from eBay. The ladies over on the Authenticate this Chloe Board agreed with me it is a fake.

    Please point me in the right direction. I returned this fake whiskey Chloe Paddington to the seller via USPS priority mail with delivery AND signature confirmation. The post office messed up and did not scan the box upon delivery of the package. So now the tracking information only shows that the item arrived at the post office and not the yet delivered. This was March 31st!

    I have spoken to the supervisor at the local postal office branch as well as the Consumer Affairs rep for the regional branch of the post office who both claims that the item was delivered but not scanned. They provided me with their phone number, etc so that eBay and Paypal can call them to verify this information. Well, Paypal refused to call and says they will only accept an update on the USPS website. Since then, Paypal close the claim in favor of the seller who sold me the nasty fake Chloe.

    The Post Office said they will only refund me the amount I spent on signature confirmation and said it is bad luck that I am out several hundred dollars because of their mistake. Can someone offer me any advice on what to do?

    Also, I appealed the claim with Paypal and they stood by their decision to side with the seller. Paypal said even though the bag was a fake, they cannot refund me the money because the seller technically never received the return merchandise. So now I am forced to pay $317 (plus the additional $10 on return shipping) for a fake bag...when I can go to downtown LA and buy fake Chloes, Guccis, Pradas, etc. for $25-50!!!!....not that I would do such a dreadful thing.

    Can I take this to the next level with Paypal or with the USPS? THANKS!
  2. Now go to your credit card...hope you paid by CC...If you did CC, you may still have a chance for a DIRECT chargeback from them to Paypal, and PP's denial will mean nothing.
  3. Oh geez- this is a mess. You poor thing. Did you pay through Paypal with a credit card?
    And just so I understand, did you actually purchase signature confirmation?
  4. I don't understand...if you paid to have signature confirmation that means that someone had to sign for receipt of this package, NOT just scan it in at delivery. I think the Post Office should be responsible here.

  5. Thank you ladies for the prompt response! I did purchase signature confirmation. I even email that to Paypal. I got off the phone with them not too long ago. The Paypal rep was not helpful and utterly rude. She gave me the attitude that I should have gone to Nordies or NM if I was so hoity snoity about "authentic bags"!!!!!!!!!

    I did pay with my credit card through Paypal. The only thing is that my credit card company would need to show that the item was delivered as well. They required the same thing last year when I was hit with a fake Chanel bag. Even after I emailed them the tracking # for the return of the fake Chanel, they held my money until the item was actually shown as delivered.

    I told the Paypal rep I am willing to offer the seller $100 as compensation for her alleged loss...but Paypal said that has to be worked out between me and the seller. Paypal said I'm on my own. If the seller was honest, she would not be listing a fake bag!

  6. The supervisor at the local Phoenix, AZ branch said they get issues with the postal delivery people NOT scanning items on delivery. She directed me to the USPS consumer affairs office. They sent me $9.85 worth of stamps to compensate for me loss...and said since I did not purchase insurance (on a fake bag), it is my loss.

    Then I called the USPS inspector general's office. These folks are RUDE. The woman at the inspector general's office said "If you gotz $317, why you go and spend it on eBay foh? I would go to the stoah so I know I gotz me the real deal, knaw sayin?" I am seriously quoting her verbatim, LOL. They only took down my phone # and the tracking info and said someone will contact me shortly. Shortly came and went 3 weeks ago and still no responses from anyone!
  7. I would call the post office and speak to a manager tell them you are having a problem and you need them to help you. Ask him/her to phycially go and look in the area where they hold packages to make sure it's not there. If it's not there file a chargeback. Once you get someone to work on your case call and ask who is doing it and get their number explain everything THEN give them the number to the post office that had package tell them to call and speak to the manager. Hopefully they will tell the cc rep the package was indeeded delivered to your seller, they just forgot to scan it. paypal may not have called but the rep from your cc might
  8. That is so awful!!! I can't believe paypal is siding with the seller. Ugh I despise them even more after reading this. They've always suck but now they suck a**!! They refuse to call wtf just one little phone call to get the proof and they refuse? I really don't get it. I would def. try to do a chargeback with your cc like solidgold2 said maybe your cc rep will be willing to call. I really do hope you can get this resolved and get your money back. Good luck!!
  9. This happened to me last Nov. when I sold an LV Tulum, purchased Ins. & delivery Conf. and the bag was "delivered" but the buyer claims that she never received it. The bag was ins. for $800 and it was the responsibility of the PO carrier to have it signed before delivering it. The ins. sticker wasn't scanned, so there was no proof that it was signed for or by whom. To make a long story short, Paypal denied my claim and refunded the buyer (who probably has my bag!:cursing:) I filed a claim with the PO and received a refund for the full $800, as the PO was negligent, because they never should have delivered the package before it was signed. You need to file a claim with the PO as soon as possible and make sure you have all your receipts, proof of purchase, etc. Needless to say, I no longer sell on eBay or use Paypal and USPS.:tdown: Good luck and keep us posted as to what your outcome is.

  10. The unfortunate thing is I did not purchase insurance on this item as it is a cheap fake. I brought up the fact that the PO should be responsible since they did not scan the item. Their attitude is tough I did not insure the package. The PO only offered to refund the money spent on shipping in the form of $9.80 worth of stamps.

    The branch supervisor looked everywhere in the post office...holding area, area for items with peeled off labels, is like the item disappeared off the face of the earth. Ultimately, the route carrier said he neglected to scan the package at delivery.
  11. Oh no...did you pay with your cc? If so, I agree with the previous posters in that you should contact you're cc company and start a dispute with them, saying that you did not receive what you paid for, that it was an obvious fake and you're not going to pay for it. It looks like the only route that you can go to at this point. Good Luck.
  12. Signature confirmation and delivery confirmation are not the same thing. For paypal, you have to pay for the scanned signature confirmation. Is that what you paid for?
  13. I know this probably isn't very moral but couldn't you mail the seller something else and give your CC company the signature confirmation number of that and that way you could do a chargeback. It just sucks that you'd be out the money because of the post offices mistake!
  14. Did you insure the package back to them or did you not bother since it was fake? I would file with the CC and also file a claim with USPS and escalate it up past that one P.O.
  15. insurance and the carrier did not get a signature. And all they said was "sorry" and gave you some stamps? For real!? I know that you said that you contacted your CC company last year with a similar situation, but I would try again. Otherwise, I am not sure how you will be able to get your money back! Ugh, I am so sorry this happened to you!