USPS and shipping question

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  1. I tried searching the post office website but didn't find my answer. Does the post office include insurance for stuff under $50 for free? I thought i heard they did somewhere, but don't know.

    I mailed out an item via priority mail and it should have arrived today and hasn't, it stills shows that they have received notice to expect it (message you get when you print shipping from paypal). I actually have two items that this has happened to, if the mailman doesn't scan that silly DC barcode my item will never show delivered and that has happened too, i got postive feedback and it still showed not delivered! The other one was shipped over two weeks ago and has yet to arrive.
  2. You need to have it notated at the value to be insured
  3. ah that makes sense... no value stated, no insurance! Thanks!
  4. It's a different form--a little green one for up to $50. It doesn't have a scanable number on it, but it still insures for the declared value.
  5. The PO insures up to $100 for no charge.
  6. Really, USPS insure up to $100 for free??? PO = Post Office right?
    What is the form to file for that, I am not sure I understood.
  7. This is true for Global Express Mail, but for Priority Mail you have to pay extra for any insurance. As susan-eric said, you need the little green form for $50 insurance.

    Is it only 1 day late? I have noticed that, with the holiday, some boxes are taking an extra day to arrive.
  8. I've always been charged for any amt. of insurance. Under $50, I use the little green card, over that requires another ins. form, but there's always been a charge. UPS insures up to $100 automatically. I'm :confused1: .