Using Up Nail Polish

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  1. Hi everyone,
    So I have a weird topic I wanted to bring up, we're probably all nail polish collectors to some degree since we're hanging out in a nail care forum. I've gotten to the point where my stash is too large and I've sold/rehomed pretty much all I'm willing to part with and what I'm left with is a still too large of a collection that I would preferably like to finish. I'm planning on selling my house in the next few years and the thought of packing all that up and moving it is giving me anxiety. Eventually I'd like to get to a manageable level since the collector-drive has fizzled out in me. I still love my polish and I love nail polish in general but I want to not have such a huge amount--I hope that makes sense.

    Anyway, has anyone come up with strategies for using up polish? Aside from changing my polish more often, how do you focus on polish when you're so used to wearing different colors each week? I was thinking I would pick three colors and rotate them, I usually do a mani change on saturday mornings but maybe I could try and do a midweek change on wednesdays. With three colors it's an odd number so I'm not always wearing one color on the first half of the week and another on the second half, so there's a small bit of variety. But by picking 3 colors I'm targeting those bottles to finish.

    I don't know if I can do it. I don't think I've finished a bottle of nail color in my life. Nail treatments, sure, but not polish. My oldest bottle is OPI Prince George's Passion (black label, R16) which was discontinued in 1996, I'm pretty sure I bought this bottle circa 1993 when I was fresh out of college. Yikes. Time to use it up.

    Has anyone done anything like this?
  2. I have never finished a bottle of nail polish. I get tired of the color or the polish thickens or separates. Honestly, I would decide how many polishes you will be able to pack and move easily, choose your favorites colors or perhaps the most recent purchases, and throw away the rest. Nail polish doesn't remain in top condition for long.
  3. Agree & I very often will bring a bag of nail polishes to women's shelters that I have tried & don't like
    & I know I will not use..
    There are shades that just look great in the bottle & not so great on my hands
    So I feel pleasure it forward where you can.. I also do this with fragrance samples & skin care samples
    & "beauty bags" that came from Barney's.. When the SA's knew what I was doing, they were always generous with
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  4. That's a great idea. I do have someone I can give some colors to but I know she doesn't want the more vampy shades.
  5. Maybe she knows someone who might like those shades.. You don't know til you ask...
  6. I've asked, I've given her several of my polish decutters in the past couple of years. But the good news is that the shelter responded to my email and said they would take my polish, yay! So thanks for that suggestion!
  7. Terrific!! Always good to "pleasure it forward" & you are most welcome..
  8. that is not always the case. I have polishes from the 1990 and they often just need a few drops of thinner to make them like new again.
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  9. Great idea. I don't have a lot of nail polishes since my collection is very small, but I do have quite a few skin care and make up samples.