Using shoe trees to stretch your shoes?

  1. Have you ever used shoe trees to stretch your own shoe? How successful was it? I just want my shoes to be stretched across the front ever so slightly.
  2. I've had better success having shoes stretched by my cobbler.

    If the shoes are new, and depending on how the tree is shaped and the shape of the front of the shoe, they may stretch "ever so slightly."
  3. It's been hit or miss for me. I succesfully stretched a few pair but there was one bair of booties that just did not want to give. You may have to try a few times experimenting with how many turns of the screw thing you need. The instructions will tell you not to turn the screw more than twice but two turns does nothing! I cranked it a good 8 times to get a good stretch but I was a little worried that I might ruin my shoes. I guess my advice is to be careful.
  4. stretching your shoe? sounds new.. how it works? thanks!
  5. Here is a very detailed article I found on stretching shoes.

    If you click on the links you will find all different kinds of stretchers. I had no idea there was more than one kind. I guess you need to figure out exactly what part of your she needs stretching before deciding if a shoe tree can do the job or if you need a professional with a more specific type of stretcher. Check out all the different types there are!