Using ribbon to make lingerie?

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  1. I saw it in a magazine last valentine's day, I'm not sure which. But I think Victoria's Secret had some too. But it's basically wide silky red ribbon that somehow ties into a bra top and comes apart with a pull. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I'm looking to purchase it somewhere, or if anyone knows how to tie it in a certain way that'd help to? :smile: tia
  2. i don't know how, but i know i've seen it in magazines too! google? lol
  3. Seems simple enough, just make it yourself. VS probably charges an arm and a leg for a cheap piece of silky ribbon...
  4. I wanna see a picture!!!
  5. sounds pretty awesome lol. i've never seen or heard of it though.
  6. oooo that looks a little more complicated that I thought but very sexy.
  7. I've never seen a store sell it, but I've seen photos of girls wearing nothing but a ribbon on some Tumblr accounts! They just tied a wide, silky ribbon across their chest, but I forgot what the bottom looked like. Looked really easy to make and super sexy!
  8. I'm so stupid. Do not search for it on Google/Yahoo :shame:
  9. I remember seeing something like this on an episode of Next American Inventor (something like that). Did a quick search and it's called Naughty Knot.

    Was that it?

    Geez, I watch too much reality tv.