Used to buy mostly second I'm loving the boutique experience!

  1. I'd say a little more than half of my current collection was purchased second-hand...I started buying LV last year in August when I got my first credit card and started to look for the pink CB items that I fell in love with when they first came out in 2003. After searching around eBay, I found one, and ended up buying the cles and PMP to match. I told my friends that these would be the only things from LV that I'll ever own, but after looking around eBay some more I fell in love with monogram as well and that was when I started going craaaazy...

    Next came Damier, then Epi, then more monogram, another Damier, and Miroir in December. My Miroir pochette was my first brand new bag. After Christmas, I started buying from the store more often, mainly because I finally became more acquianted with the SA there.

    I expected to get all these discontinued/LE second hand bags from Hong Kong, but the PRICES here have greatly disappointed me. My cousin says that people don't really sell their bags for cheap here; they try to make money off of them. I saw a Dentelle Speedy for $14,600 HKD, and another at another store for $15,400 HKD...which is probably more than what it'd cost at the store, because it doesn't sound that great of a deal to me.

    My last two purchases (and upcoming third purchase for me as an early birthday present from my boyfriend) have both been a boutique purchase and I must say that after buying second hand for almost 9 months, I'm slowly changing my preference to buying from the boutique. I just love walking away with a big LV bag, and spending a good hour or so slowly opening the box and admiring every single little thing when I get home.

    With my extra scholarship money that I'll be getting this Fall, I didn't even think about what bags I'll buy from eBay. I just thought about how I'd spend that money at the Holt Renfrew Private Shopping Night so that I'll get the $200 gift card :p

    Anyway, I think I'll still buy second hand and everything...especially from let-trade since they have great discontinued bags at good prices, but other than that, unless I stumble upon an irresistible deal, I think I'll be buying from the store from now on!
  2. i am loving the boutique experience too!!To be surrounded by tons of LV bags is such a joyful experience and i never get tired of being in there, especially after i found my nice and friendly SA:yes:
  3. I'm with you Karman- I see great deals on ebay all the time but I just haven't been able to bear the thought of cheating on my SA :p
  4. There's nothing like the boutique experience:tender:! I just love being surrounded by all that LV, picking out the perfect bag and taking it home right away! Life couldn't be sweeter:yahoo:
  5. Good choice! The only LV I have bought from ebay is the cerises cles. Its nice to see what you get irl before you buy it, and you don't have to worry about paying customs! :cursing:
  6. I totally agree, allthough I've never bought second hand, the atmosphere of the shops always keeps me coming back.
  7. I have never bought anything from online..I love LV boutique..and I love the smell of the new bags..furthermore, the SAs working in LV in Singapore are very friendly and approachable, so no worries or stress..I would want to touch and feel the bags and carry it before I make a the boutique!
  8. nothing really beats going to the store to see, touch, and try out different stuff, and come out from it with 'the' brown bag!! :heart:
  9. i've been spoiled by my SAs. i don't think i could ever buy from anywhere but the boutique lol.
  10. I agree I love going to Lv boutique and being surrounded by all the goodies. I am also afraid of getting a fake so I only buy from LV.
  11. I agree with a lot of the posts. Love the boutique expierence, but nothing beats a great deal on ebay (if its authentic). Just last week I got a brand new, never carried, brown/pink cherry blossom pochette for $355. Couldn't pass it up.
  12. i agree, i love the boutique experience!!! I got my neo fuschia from ebay but that was only because you cannot get them in the UK. I would prob only buy off ebay again if it was too good a deal to miss!
  13. the boutique experiece really is something! congrats karman, hope you're enjoying your trip!
  14. I agree with your guys all ...cheers to the boutique yeahh !!!! :smile:
  15. now if i could only get invited to their little champagne events :biggrin: