Urgent Help please! Mademoiselle flap or E/w Flap?


If you were me, which would you pick?

  1. brown mademoiselle classic flap

  2. black lambskin e/w with silver h/w

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  1. so i recently bought a black e/w flap with silver h/w, but have also just found a brown mademoiselle classic flap that i like too!

    in an ideal world, i'd be able to afford both, but alas! this world is less than ideal :push: and i can only afford to get one.

    i'm now trying to decide if i should keep the black e/w or return it so that i can get the mademoiselle flap!

    i already have 2 black chanels and much as i loveeee black, i feel like my collection needs some variation in colour-- hence the choice of the brown mademoiselle... its not hugely different from black but at least its not black again! :p and also i like how the mademoiselle looks similar, yet different to the normal classic flaps! (was attracted to something a little different as i already have 2 classic flaps)
    (Also just a quick question about the mademoiselle line, is it readily available in stores all the time, or is it part of a seasonal range?)

    but then again i do so love the black and silver combination of the e/w...

    argh i really can't decide, and i need to make up my mind by today!!!
    please help, ladies! any input at all would be much appreciated :love: Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. You have 2 classic flap, I say get madaemoiselle classic too because it look more modern. And you don't want black bag, so brown perfect! And eastwest bag so small..... Can't put many thing inside, madamiselle bag bigger! So I vote you should get that!
  3. Normally, I would sided to the classic blk flap, but since you already have 2 blacks ones... the brown mademoiselle might be a better choice this time! Good luck in your decision making!
  4. Brown Mademoiselle.
  5. It sounds like you DO NOT need another black bag!!

    Get the brown Madmoiselle for sure. I have the taupe Madmoiselle clutch and it is beautiful.
  6. If I were you at your situation, I woudl get the Brown Madmoiselle, But, I personally would get the black e/w flap
  7. Just to clarify...are your 2 black Chanels both classic flaps? Or do you have 2 black Chanels AND 2 non-black classic flaps? That would make a difference to me... ;)

    If you already have 2 black classic flaps, then definitely go for the brown mademoiselle...I tried one on recently and LOVED it! :love:

    If you have 2 non-black classic flaps, then I definitely think you should go with the black e/w flap! Everyone needs a black flap bag! :nuts:

    Hope that wasn't too confusing... :shame: ;)

    Good luck with your decision!! :yes:
  8. I think from a what makes sense for your collection standpoint - it's the brown mademoiselle...

    but if it were me - I'd be picking the black east west! I love that purse! I guess if you can arguably use a smaller "going out" type purse then I'd stick with the east-west, but if you're the type of person that carries quite a bit usually then the mademoiselle would make sense since it's a different colour plus it's bigger than the e/w so you can carry it more often too...
  9. I picked the black E/W because I like it better. But judging by your collection, it looks like you are looking for variety. In which case, go for the Mademoiselle!
  10. alrightly the brown mademoiselle it is for me then!!!!! the black e/w is going back!
    thanks for all your help ladies :love:
  11. I am not aware of the existence of mademoiselle. How does it look like? Any pics, please? Thanks.

  12. OIC. Beautylicious, thanks for the link to pics. I prefer the east west then, but in gold h/w. :smile:

  13. My vote is for east west flap!!
  14. i love the e/w i have one and i love it :smile: