Urgent help needed ... need to decide asap...!

  1. Me again sorry for bothering you guys but I need some urgent advice as some of you might know I have been looking for the ariella talon booties but really don't want to pay retail CL shops here have not marked them down and the leather version goes for 660 euros plus shipping that's 680 euros.

    I can only dream about all the fabulous sales you guys have in the US...:drool:.

    Now I did find a pair in gray suede a bid under retail about 510 euros incl. shipping I think that's about $730 or $750.

    Should I get them?
    I did want black but honestly I don't need black...:upsidedown:
    I think they could be nice for early spring, weather in the South of France is rather rain free. (it's been pooring for a week but that's unusual)
    Does anybody have the gray ones are they very hard to keep looking nice?

    If I get them should I size one size up from my usual CL size?
  2. You should size up at least 1/2 a size (for some a full size) from your "usual" CL size as the "Ariella" family styles (ankle boots or knee-high ones) all run small.

    I think that's a gorgeous gray color but you *might* be able to get those for even less if you wait it out and check eBay (or maybe not....who knows, after CL goes on Oprah next week who knows what's going to happen to the demand for CL shoes, it might skyrocket and eBay prices/demand go up, and it might stay the same....only time will tell).
  3. CL is going to be on Oprah?!

    Get your shoes now, ladies - after Oprah, more than likely every CL will be sold out and our only resort will be a gazillion times over retail on eBay :p
  4. omg whenn i deff wanna watch?? P.S shoes are gorgeoussssss in grey
  5. I think the grey is lovely I actually prefer it to the black, just be sure to spray them with suede protector and they should be easy enough to keep looking great :yes:
  6. Catcat - I just saw those on sale at Barneys, I think that they were marked down to about $400. I am not sure if Barneys will ship to France but it is worth giving them a call to find out. Let me know if you want my SAs contact info.

    I read that Christian Louboutin will be on Oprah next Friday, January 18th so I can only imagine what is going to happen to CL's shoe demand after that appearance.
    You know that I have my calendar marked to watch him on Oprah.
  7. Thanks dear that's so sweet of you I checked in the past but they don't ship internationally and if they would the whole customs brookerage fees add 30% which kills nearly every deal if the sender declares full value..........:sad:
    It's really frustrating at times.
  8. oh dear. :sweatdrop:

    catcat I have the knee-high Alta Ariella boot in black suede and I went a full size up. The shaft of the boot is a little on the narrow side. If you have medium - wide feet I recommend 1 size up otherwise 1/2 size should be sufficient. The boot also stretches quite well over time.

  9. Pm'ed you for the phonenumber but don't bother i just checked they'r site again. It says no international shipping.......
  10. I think the grey is divine! I would get them.
  11. The Barneys website doesnt ship internationally but if you call the store they will ship internationally for you :yes: I did this a few weeks ago for a pair of tortoise wedges cost $50 to ship to australia.
  12. What is this style like comfort wise?
  13. Or if you know someone in the states that is close to you...you can always have it shipped there then the friend can ship it to you.
    Worth it if there is a good sale.
  14. OT but that's how much NM charged me to ship from a store to Canada. :oh: Not to mention the taxes they put on top of it, but I think the forum has heard enough of my taxes rant for tonight lol. The item they shipped was worth it though. ;)

    Back on topic, I think you should take the plunge and pay a little more for something you really want. No sense in buying something you're not 100% in love with, especially in that price range, to not wear it or worry about it getting ruined!

    Good luck with your decision!
  15. Thanks lady's for all your help. I actually took the plunge and ordered :graucho:them at worst I can still return them (that's the good thing about ordering within europe). But I fear I will love them...and I ordered some Miu Miu ankleboots as well in black and brown:p.....so gray will be a nice change. I will post pics when they get in.