URGENT help needed!!!! Magenta city w/ regular hardware or gold?

  1. hii ladies,
    OMG, i am really stressing out! this will be my first Balenciaga bag so i just want it to be absolutely perfect! I can't decide between the magenta city w/ RH or the giant magenta city with GH. Please help! I have seen the pictures in the http://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga/need-a-photoshop-expert-magenta-silver-vs-gold-125998.html
    but i am still undecided. I have never seen a BBag in person to be honest, but I have decided that I absolutely need one. i need to make a decision ASAP so i can fax the form in! :yahoo:TIA :heart:
  2. I think magenta with the GH would be better than the regular hardware. although it's a loud color, the gold harware could really enhance it.
  3. I think magenta stands alone and is loud enough that it doesn't need more bling. Plus the City is heavy with GH. I vote regular, classic, magenta.
  4. ya, the photos from the photoshopping thread are really pushing me to the gold! i just wish i've seen these bags iRL. it would help soo much!

    OOHH, is it that much heavier? i have never carried one before, so...
  5. I prefer Magenta with regular hardware... IMO, the giant gold hardware is a little too loud for such a bright, standout color. Good luck deciding! :smile:
  6. For your first b-bag I agree with Powderpuff :yes:

    Magenta is a big enough statement without the need for Gold GH.........just my opinion though ;)
  7. It's really hard to say ... all I can say is 'go with your gut.' Seems like your gut is telling you Gold GH at the moment. ;)

    What attracted you to bbags in the first place? Were you attracted to the regular hardware bags?
  8. The magenta really pops with the gold GH. Although the classic RH will always be a winner. The Gold just has that little extra ooomph.
  9. i loved that they were just so fresh and stylish and very different from the other brands. I've been trying to diversify my miniscule bag collection as well. but mostly, i Love, love, loveee their colors, especially the bright ones! my gut says GH, but it also says extra$400!!! :wtf:
  10. i just can't decide if the GH will almost be too much. i plan on wearing this with black and white tops/sweaters with denim jeans/skirts, so very casual looks.
  11. I think for your 1st BBag get RH. Magenta is a bright and beautiful color. For some it is too bright of a color and if you add the GH it might be just too much.
  12. I like the regular hardware. IMO the GH it a little OTT.
  13. Regular Hardware For Me