URGENT advice needed pls...thks!

  1. hi guys! so sorry to re post this thread, but i m really in a dilema and hope you all can help me pls!

    i recently (3.5 wks ago) purchased the baby pink marisa bag which i had been eyeing for agessssssssss. loved it!however, just today, i discovered the leather at the bottom had peeled off, and i am so afraid it will get worse with use!
    i called the boutique immediately, and the manager to go down this weekend with the receipt. thing is, i relly relly love this bag, and don't want to excahnge for something else (she mentioned that she hadnt got another pink one for me:crybaby: to exchange) .

    my questions are:

    does ferragamo leather come off that easily?? is it a defective bag?

    is there any warranty with the bags to replace the leather? must i pay for it since its so new and barely used?

    last but most importantly. do you all advise me to give it up??:crybaby:

    thks. guys for listening and advising! truly appreciate it!
  2. Sorry to her this. I can't help, but good luck to you
  3. thks. compassrose for reading! pls dont worry about it, its ok, but i relly do hope someone can help me out here...thks once again
  4. I have a Marissa and no leather has worn or rubbed off of it. Can you post pics as I'm trying to imagine what this looks like? If it is indeed a manufacturing/leather defect...I would search for another bag.
  5. hi! thank you!
    i have a pic. but when i tried to attach, it says its too large? so i resized it and it became quite blurry. so sorry about it...
    as you can see, the largest black mark is the biggest peel, there are another 2 small ones on the side, and one more DANGEROUSLY threatening to peel off.

    i am really worried the more i use, esp when i have to palce my bags down, the worse the peeling will become.
  6. I can't really see anything in the pic. But I would get my money back. When you pay that kinda money for a bag it's supposed to last you a lifetime.
  7. hi sorry abt the poor pic!
    thks. for your advice, but a part of me...actually a huge part is really reluctant to let go.. i should have checked it earlier...

    i had been eyeing this bag for ages...and i understand ferragamo doesnt repeat styles...:crybaby:

    should i really let it go?
    can the leather ever be replaced?
    if they offer me a 10% refund, should i accept? thks..
  8. Take it to a shoe repair place and ask if it can be fixed. If yes, get an estimate, and then the place you bought it from can have it fixed for you or reimburse you for the repair job. If it can't be fixed, I would return it.
  9. yeah i would get money back for that bag - to have paid so much to have a peeling leather bag is not worthit, even if it is a bag u love!
  10. 10% refund? do you mean 100% refund?
    i would kick them in the ass if they offer you a 10% refund on a bag that $$ that is peeling! but if its 100% and they cant fix it and you cant get the one you had your heart set on then i would take the $ back

  11. Take it back; get a full refund. It will bug you forever if you don't! You will constantly be obsessing on the peeling!
  12. when you spend hard earned money on a bag, i believe that you should get quality merchandise, no matter what the name and no matter the cost...some people save for a long time for a bag that costs 100.00, others save for a year to buy a bag that's hundreds/thousands of dollars...to each one of us, our bags are special...that being said, i'm hoping that they can either refund you your money or get you a new bag that doesn't have a defect...you deserve it!!!!
  13. The pic is very unclear, but it appears to me that the joint on the the piping at the bottom of the bag isn't closed properly. Who would ever notice that other than you? If you love the bag, negotiate a small discount on it (I would say 10% would be the norm for such a minor flaw on the bottom of a bag) AND a repair reimbursment.

    If you examine any bag closely, you will likely find a flaw somewhere- no matter how expensive the item is. Bags are made by people, not robots, and human error can occur at any stage of the process from the tanning of the leather right through to the edge painting of the finished product.
  14. Shermaine, I'm sorry you're upset about the condition of your bag. It's difficult to see the flaw in your pics, so it's hard for me to offer advice. But I tend to agree with tano expert that it just looks like the seam where the piping on the bag meets, and does not seem like a major issue.

    For what it's worth, I've owned three Ferragamo bags, including a Marisa, for more than two years now, and I've found the quality and workmanship to be outstanding.

    Good luck to you.
  15. thks. everyone for your very very helpful advice!!

    it's indeed true tt while no one can see the flaw except me, it did bug me the whole night!

    i am going down to ferragamo tomorrow, and hopefully will get a satsifactory reply!
    i will definitely remember all the points you all have mentioned when i state my 'case' tom!
    thks. once again! will keep you all updated!