Urbane/Borough in outlets? Little reveal.

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  1. Awesome find, and I think you'd be hard pressed to find it for $100 at the FOS...
  2. Wowzers congrats bag twin!! I agree it's a great deal! I thought the oxblood urbane crossbody sold out, so I wasn't expecting it to goto the outlets.... but who knows with Coach.. sold out or limited bags seems to show up there pretty regularly haha but $100 is better than outlet prices.. most outlets are doing 50/10 or more if on clearance. I love this bag! I wear it all the time and it has held up beautifully!
  3. I just noticed Borough on the Dillards website...I was looking for the colorblock cooper satchel

  4. must be a new thing. if they are sold at Dillards there are chances to get them at discount, and my feeling that they, at least the new colors, will go to outlets is stronger now.
  5. We can only hope. :smile:
  6. They must have just put the boroughs up there! I checked the website last night and didn't see them. I saw a few more options at the Dillards I went to.
  7. I may have to go check out my store today just to see for myself. The racks were cleaned out on Monday from the weekend but the SA said they had a ton of stuff in back.
  8. Thank you for this. I have never shopped the outlets, just FOS so I was not sure how they do things. I am glad to hear it's holding up well.
  9. I just went to Dillards and they are having a 25% off on all purses promotion. My store didn't have any boroughs in stock so I asked if they could order them and honor the discount since they are online. They said they could order them and then I would have to come back in for a price adjustment, but when they rang them up they came up for the sale price. I got the black pebbled mini and the striped mini. Can't wait to get them. I assume this will work on any of the boroughs, you just have to give them the sku number. The ones I just ordered said they were sold out online but they were able to order them for me at the store.
  10. Thanks so much everyone for your kind words. I am extra excited to have this bag and it's because of you guys that I feel so confident in my purchase.
    Perfect Valentines present to myself from myself, and now I am banned. ;) :heart:
  11. Hi brae! :wave:

    I LOVE your Urbane (of course). I want to see it in real life.

    Oxblood looks so amazing in the pebbled leather. I want it!

    Congrats and enjoy. As far as I know ;) you found the best deal out there for this great bag.
  12. I bought this at Macy's the same day as my negative Coach experience. Bought the urbane at Macy's first. Like you I'm wondering how long until the Boroughs and Urbanes hit the outlets. Even wondering how long before they knock them off for MFF. You know they will.
  13. Don't know how to edit on my phone. Forgot to say I paid $150.

  14. Oooh what a steal!! Congratulations! The leather looks divine on this bag! Here's hoping those Borough's do get outlet! I won't be picky about color--I think they are all nice but I sure do love that RGT Camel one!
  15. I would like the camel or the grey as my first choices. I keep telling myself they will go to the outlets eventually. If they don't, i have plenty of others already. Must be something about the hunt, lol. I do like that small urbane. Haven't used it yet, but it's cute. I was happy to see it.