Urbane/Borough in outlets? Little reveal.

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  1. #1 Feb 13, 2014
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    Have you guys seen an Urbane or Borough in the outlets? If not, do you think they will ever hit? Maybe FOS?

    I was in Dillards today and an amazing thing happened.
    I walked to the clearance section and there it was, a little Oxblood crossbody Urbane. :faint:
    I have been wanting an Urbane!

    So this little guy was 25% then and extra 50% off.
    I was like Whaaaaaaaat? This stuff never happens to me.
    With tax it ended up being $100.


    Now that I am home I wanted to check with you guys to see if a better deal could come about?
    I feel pretty lucky, but not if they all went to the outlets and there is a surplus somewhere for a better price.

    Thanks, you guys!

    Ps, If you're interested, I started a collection thread that features my small coach family. Link should be in my signature. :smile:
  2. Omg!!! Congrats and what a great price! Beautiful bag. I was wondering if the Urbane bags will hit the outlets soon.
  3. Oooh!!! Gorgeous find!!! You're so lucky!!!
  4. Who's jealous? I'm not jealous. Nope. Not me.


    Gimme. :pokey:

    (and congrats! :biggrin: )
  5. its beautiful! congrats!!!
  6. What Dillards was that at? Dillards never got the capsule collection so looks like that store took a return of a item they never had. Dillards didn't get urbane or borough.
  7. Fabulous find! I'd count my lucky stars!! Oxblood even!
  8. It was a Dillards in Jacksonville (in the St. John's Towncenter). I had never seen an Urbane there, so I also think it's a return.
    They definitely have Boroughs though! Many of them, the new colors too. They are all 25% off right now.
  9. Congrats, great find and love the deals you can find at Dillards!!
  10. Well thanks for that tip. I will call our store buyer tomorrow to see if she can get her hands on one. Can you take a quick pick of the tag so I can get the sku for Dillards.
  11. It is lovely! The leather looks slammin'! Wow, 25% plus 50% off, that is a fantastic deal! Congratulations! Enjoy your beautiful bag!
  12. You guys are awesome, thanks for the kind words and support. Ever since I bought my first FP bag and then saw it go to an outlet pretty much a few days later, I was scarred by it. So now I am wary to buy anything from the stores.

    Do you think this wold be the price if it went to an outlet? Although I don't live near a good one, I do get into FOS often.
    I am afraid of overpaying. =/
  13. Good find and congrats! Did they have other styles at 25/50% off?
  14. Can you snap a pic of that with the Dillards MIC and SKU on it. I want to sound informed when I call them tomorrow. Thank you again. So excited for your deal.
  15. No, no, you didn't overpay. You did very very well. Nicely done!