Urbane/Borough in outlets? Little reveal.

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  1. Strange that Dillards had 25 + 50 off...

    But congrats on your bag, it's lovely!
  2. +1 on that, I'd love to track one down too. Does it have the pink clearance tag?
  3. It was just clearance that had it the extra 50%. I know they had one green (moss?) Borough. I think it was medium sized, and it was on clearance. Otherwise it was very slim pickings... maybe like 4 more bags (a couple sig swings). They had a little bit of jewelry, leather bracelets. Maybe a couple of wallets?

    I have never seen a good clearance there, ever. =/

    Everything else was 25% off though. I am not sure how long they are doing that for.
  4. Thanks so much. Strange sale on that one for sure. Dillard's is doing some weird sales lately.
  5. Looks like you had a lucky find. Congrats :smile:

    Would you mind posting a pic of the pink tag, hopefully I can track one down too :graucho:
  6. I can post the tag for you guys, no problem.

    Before I do, I want to know if there is anything I should be worried about by posting the picture? Like people stealing the image or information and using it maliciously on ebay or something?

    Just want to make sure.

  7. We post tags and sku's and style numbers here all the time. Not sure what harm someone could do with it.
  8. I hope this helps? It looks like a bunch of garble to me. ;)

  9. Congrats on the awesome deal! ;)

    The oxblood is a great color and this bag is super cute!

  10. Here's the tag from a bag I just bought from Dillards for 30 + 50 off. It has 2 stickers for 2 price cuts (note the last numbers upper right hand, one for 30 and the other 50) and the style number from the Coach tag is also on the Dillards sticker at the bottom...

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  11. Very helpful thanks!
  12. Oh snap, that means I really got 30% off then 50% off? :biggrin:
  13. You're welcome. :smile:
  14. .
  15. I think it is a great deal...gorg bag! Congrats!