Urban Decay Brow Kit

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  1. Has anyone used Urban Decay's little brow kit? Do the tweezers work for you? Do the brushes work? I've always had problems with light brows with imperfections, so I was wondering if it was worth the money. TIA!!!!
  2. Guess it's not too popular...
  3. I have it! I actually think it's great. I compared all of the brow kits available (and went on Makeup Alley for reviews) and the UD one was the favorite and for good reason. The tweezers actually work, they're really good at grabbing those pesky tiny hairs and the powder does stay put even in humid weather without rubbing off or melting or anything. The ladies on MUA don't like the brush, but I think it works fine. I have very dark brown hair (check my avatar) and I use Beige Betty. It looks really good. I highly recommend it!