Updating engagement/wedding rings - why?

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  1. #106 May 5, 2018
    Last edited: May 5, 2018
    What an interesting thread! I’m actually in the process of updating my e-ring setting. My original platinum setting is like 5 mm wide-no joke and is uncomfortable for me to wear 3 kids and 20 lbs later. But I love my original stone, hence the reset.

    I’m actually surprised it took me 22 years to do this. Both my mom and mother in law converted their 1 carat engagements stones to 3 stone rings years ago. So I don’t think upgrades are a new concept...
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  2. We were broke before so I didnt get proposed to nor received any engagement ring. We were too happy getting married despite that. We had stainless steel wedding rings. I still kept those rings even when we switched to 14 k gold bands and now my husband doesnt fit his so I stopped using it too. I used the cartier trinity ring he bought me as a gift years ago as my everyday wear. It had his name and mine inside. I vowed to buy him a similar ring once I get my practical nursing license. As for engagement ring, he bought me the diamond solitaire ring Ive always wanted and its second hand but this came years after the wedding. If people ask me if its an engagement ring I say yes lol. I didnt see the point of upgrading though. For me, id rather keep the original ring and maybe during anniversaries he could just buy a new one . Im sentimental and i wouldnt want to part with the ring he proposed to that is if he did. Hehe. I actually did the proposing lol
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  3. A friend of mine was disappointed from her old diamond ring but later she came through an online jewellery portal and has changed her engagement ring into Baguette diamond Ring.
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