Update to a previous thread...Now waiting on this bag (pics)

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  1. I had ordered a black monogram Gucci Medium Abbey hobo and a small wave hobo from Bluefly. Both were way too small, so I ordered this bag instead:

    Black Medium Bouvier Hobo (comes in this week) thoughts....?

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  2. I've always liked this bag. I was not really sure about the size. I usually like a large bag. Did you find this bag on BlueFly? I don't remeber seeing it there. Please post pic's when you get it, if you can.
  3. I'm glad you posted...I had just recently posted a question in your previous thread if you had received them yet. Oh, I wished you'd posted modeling pics of them both before you sent them back. That would have been a great reference for so many wondering about those 2 bags. Especially for the ones like me that don't get to see them IRL.
    I really like the abbey hobo, but it does look small.

    Can't wait to see your bouvier hobo.
  4. I absolutely love the Bouvier hobo! One of the all-time best Gucci bags ever. :yes: Such a classic, and so chic. I think its a much better choice. Good luck, and I hope you like it.
  5. Very nice!!!
  6. huh.. They were both too small? Sorry it didn't work out for you.. It stinks anxiously waiting for something and then it's not what you thought it would be. I hope you like the new bag that comes in.
  7. Yeah, they were both too small but they were both nice. Just not what I was really looking for. Of course I wouldn't have known that without seeing them in person.

    Hope this purse works better. I am trying to find the best first Gucci (one that I can keep forever and never grow tired of). So hard!
  8. I like the black Bouvier - I tried to get that on Bluefly but I was too late - looks like you had better luck than me. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on it when it arrives. I have the medium Abbey shoulder bag (beige gg with ivory trim) which I love. It's lightweight and holds a lot of stuff. I'm even thinking of getting one in black.