Update: Ruined bag and why I LOVE Burberry.

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  1. Besides the fact that it is classis look that lasts forever their customer service is from heaven:nuts: !!!
    So most of you know about my whole dye transfer issue and how my Nova Check was ruined when it rubbed off against my red piece of clothing :sad2: !
    And today my sales lady (that I LOVE)...called me and told me that they could not remove the the stain :cry:.
    To make the matter worst the bag is sold out every where, BUT they were willing to give me store credit and allow me to get a new bag!!!
    So anyways I went back today and got this bag :love: . I am done with the Nova Check (unless I get a little one) as much as I love the print I think I will ruin it. I wear too many new clothes just waiting to give off dye on to my new bag.
    What I ended up getting is BEAUTIFUL...and I love it. I have it put away for now because I am using my other new one. (This picture does not do it justice...at all :blink: ! The bag is not square at all!!!)


  2. Oooh yes. I was just checking out Burberry earlier, and I love the solid bags with the signature trim. Gorgeous.
  3. I think that's a really beautiful bag. I like it more than just the Nova check bags. Congrats that everything turned out alright.
  4. It's great that they replaced your bag. I think somebody else in the forum owns that style too!
  5. Fabulous bag, I'm so glad they made it right for you!
  6. That's really good to hear, although it's disappointing that the nova check wasn't a little more durable !
  7. I love the Burberry !
  8. Love that bag!!!! I'm glad you were able to get satisfaction, and good on Burberry for keeping a happy customer.
  9. Beautiful new bag! So nice when CS meets and exceed expectations. Not all do the right thing but that was a great experience and here you are spreading the word. Love the puggy!
  10. i love it when the cs helps you justify how much you pay for something..."see honey, if i'd bought a bag at kmart, they NEVER would have done this!"

    congrats on ur new bag..its lovely!
  11. It's nice to know about Burberry's customer service. Congrats on the new one though! I'm loving this style!
  12. LOL... so true. I'm glad everything worked out for you! Congrats on the new bag.
  13. Cute bag. Congrats.
  14. So glad you got store credit!!! Nice bag!
  15. I like burburry too. They service and they replacement are no.1
    with the place I work can't compare.
    One time I had a rain coat that turn from white to yellow after a
    year of wearing the coat was discontinue and went on sales but SA had me picked out anything I want for my original price paid.