Update: Ruined bag and why I LOVE Burberry.


Blessed...Psalm 139:13
Mar 2, 2006
Besides the fact that it is classis look that lasts forever their customer service is from heaven:nuts: !!!
So most of you know about my whole dye transfer issue and how my Nova Check was ruined when it rubbed off against my red piece of clothing :sad2: !
And today my sales lady (that I LOVE)...called me and told me that they could not remove the the stain :cry:.
To make the matter worst the bag is sold out every where, BUT they were willing to give me store credit and allow me to get a new bag!!!
So anyways I went back today and got this bag :love: . I am done with the Nova Check (unless I get a little one) as much as I love the print I think I will ruin it. I wear too many new clothes just waiting to give off dye on to my new bag.
What I ended up getting is BEAUTIFUL...and I love it. I have it put away for now because I am using my other new one. (This picture does not do it justice...at all :blink: ! The bag is not square at all!!!)




Mar 9, 2006
I like burburry too. They service and they replacement are no.1
with the place I work can't compare.
One time I had a rain coat that turn from white to yellow after a
year of wearing the coat was discontinue and went on sales but SA had me picked out anything I want for my original price paid.