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  1. Hello there PF Friends,

    I just HAD to check in with everyone tonight and tell you the latest scoop. Today my family and I went on a nice day trip. I'll start from the beginning:

    My bag of choice was my black glossy large HM with of course my pewter PM. I never leave home without my PM!;)

    My day started at Starbucks. Normally, while my hubby and kids wait in the car I'd run in quickly with just my PM. BUT, today I decided to wear my large HM ALL day and see if I felt this was a suitable everyday bag or not for my active lifestyle. So, with that in mind of course I toted my HM right into Starbucks. I wanted to "experience" the large for the entire day before making any conclusions. Now, remember I"m used to bringing in only my PM OR my medium HM so this was definetely a change.

    My first experience in the store was a lady behind me constantly starting at my HM. I mean, she made it quite obvious. She kept looking for a label to figure out who the designer was. Often, I've had ladies stare at my BE's but this was almost comical. I wish I had it on videotape to share with all of you tonight! hehe

    WELL, you should have seen her expression when I took my pewter PM out of my HM. Again, just comical. I must ask Jackie to send me her business cards!

    So far I felt like my HM was handling the day just fine. It felt extremely comfortable on my shoulder and I loved having that option. Big plus in favor for the large!

    As for my day trip. I carried the large HM in several cute boutiques. Did it get a little heavy on my arm? Yes. It certainly did. But, I LOVED carrying it regardless. I felt incredibly CHIC wearing this bag. I"m really LOVING the shape these days. And it's funny because when I first saw eyes on this bag I wasn't crazy over it. And, now look at me. I can't stop raving about.

    I thought by the end of my day that I"d look forward to switching back over tomorrow to my medium HM. Guess what ladies? I"m not! I've fallen in LOVE with my large and have absolutely no intention to change over. WOWSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is THE bag for me! Of course, I still adore my medium. But, if you ask me which size I prefer theres no way I can answer. As Jackie would say about many of her styles, "I love them both equally".
  2. As usual lovebags, your review is so thorough. It really sounds like each of the sizes has its own unique purpose. Which one is more comfortable to wear on the shoulder and do you mind posting modeling pictures of each?

    I wish you could have captured the woman's expression. I have had a lot of coworkers admire my gray love me, but so far not much a reaction for my hug me. Oh well, I love it.

    I'm more intrigued by the protect me. I carry a little J. crew "magic wallet" when I'm work as my MJ clutch is too large to fit in my doctor's coat. But I'm wondering if the protect me would be better?
  3. Thanks for the update. Although you are making it so hard for me to decide on a size! (I have decided medium but am continually second guessing myself.)

    I always keep some of Jackie's business cards in my handbag, too.
  4. Thanks Ladies.

    Asbb, I"m sorry that I"m confusing you. I can totally understand why your struggling with this choice. This is one decision that's virtually impossible to make! There's no way that I could part with either my medium or large. Granted, the small isn't for me.

    Maybe I can help a little more with this information.

    The medium is NOT a shoulder bag IMO. Or at least it wasn't designed for it to be worn in that way. I wear it ONLY as a hand held. Now, I never thought in a million years that I could LOVE a hand held as I was only a shoulder gal. But, this is really the cutest bag and I absolutely cherish it. It's very lightweight and has an adorable shape. It doesn't get heavy on my arm.

    Now, the large is extremely comfy on my shoulder. But, it does get HEAVY if your wearing it on your arm especially for I'd say anything over a half hour plus! But, I don't mind. I simply adore it. It can carry SO much more that my medium just can't fit. For example, today I carried tons of things for my kids and had plenty of room to spare!

    The large is perfect for your carry on or overnighter AND now I"m enjoying it for my day bag too. It's the BEST investment. I really NOW understand all the raves Jackie was discussing with me over this bag. She's worn it daily now since August! She even wore it to dinner with Bali the other night.

    If I had to only choose ONE BE bag in my collection as a favorite - I"d struggle between choosing the medium HM or large. Wow, I can't believe that I love this bag more then my choco matte LM and/or dark grey LM midi. That says it all ladies!

    If I absolutely had to select only the medium or large then ultimately the large would win since I LOVE having several bags in one. It's a wonderful investment!:tup:
  5. Oh, you're not confusing me! You just make me wish I could buy both sizes to compare. :graucho:

    I definitely want this to be a shoulder bag. But I'm afraid the large will feel enormous. Are you saying the medium doesn't sit well on your shoulder? Can you elaborate on why you carry it in your hand vs on your shoulder?

    I appreciate all the info.
  6. Yes, the medium is quite uncomfortable to wear on the shoulder. Although, some might disagree but this is just MY experience. It's an extremely "snug" fit AND it just doesn't look right on the shoulder. The shape doesn't lend itself to be worn that way and it's not long enough for a nice drape. That said, it's such a SWEET hand held bag.

    The large is your perfect shoulder bag but it tends to get heavy if you want to arm carry.

    The large is definetely "large". I needed time to get accustomed to how big it was. BUT, now there's no looking back. This has become one of my favorite BE's!
  7. Thanks for the info! You are quite a trooper. I'm afraid I'm much more lazy--I'm all about the light bags and crossbody option. I am guilty of leaving my beloved bags at home or in the auto if I'm out and about with my kids..I just take my wristlet and go. I must have bad bag manners!

    You must really love this bag. I'm glad to see that it is working out so well for you!
  8. Thank you so much for your review! I really love my small Hug Me's and am intrigued by the other sizes (and if they will look good on me at all since the small seems so perfect).

    Have you posted pics of your black beauty? Any mod pics?
  9. I have the Large size HM and 2 smalls (1 belongs to my daughter). I had the medium, but gifted that one to a dear friend.

    In any event, I love my Large black pebbled glossy HM. I've worn it since Christmas and YES it's substantial, YES it can be heavy, YES it packs a lot, but it's well worth it.

    I will say that although it fits comfortably on my shoulder, in my opinion, this style and size look BEST carried in the crook of the arm. There's just something about the way it looks carried this way that is so stylish....I can't describe it.

    Now.....as far as the small is concerned, I LOVE my Cappuccino HM. The leather is like silk and butter.....gorgeous. I find the small quite generous and perfect for everyday. Having said that, it's a real dilemma to decide which one to choose. I really :heart: the pebbled leather and for the winter it's perfect for the insane weatehr we have up here. I don't have to worry about a thing wearing this baby!