Update on Pochette Accessoires

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  1. wow. that def is disappointing.

  2. I would definitely not keep it - the zipper looks crooked. Also, maybe it is just the lighting in the picture but the vachetta looks like it is a bit tanned already? I am not one of the people meticulously searching for flaws but I still believe it is not acceptable to send you a bag that was probably already used by someone else AND seems to have a bad zipper.

    Just because these are hard to find items (and I totally understand you are probably very bummed out to have to start stalking again) you should not settle for these kind of issues.

    As I have heard that return times have been extended maybe you would be able to bring it to a store once they reopen and point out these issues to a SA? I have made amazing experiences with very nice SAs in the boutiques and it might help to stop this bag „circling“ to the next buyer.
  3. I was able to get one last week. date code is 36th week of 2019. Looks new and has the new smell, but so weird to me that I had to stalk for so long then to think i got one that has been sitting there for 6 months??!!! Was it lost in the warehouse? Was she hiding with a Pochette Metis??
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  4. Hello all, I purchased another PA In Mono Tuesday around 12:19 pm I called LV customer service first and was told they got some in sunday and Monday. I was shocked and had some hope. I was placed on hold for about 2 minutes for him to get back on phone and say sorry not available anywhere in the US or Canada. So I just kept looking for shoulder bag purses and low and behold, I seen both available add to cart. I placed in cart immediately thought it was a glitch but proceeded and checked out fast. It arrived Thursday. Made in France 31st week of 2019 it looks New pale vachetta and has a small ripple on zipper. It doesn’t smell new new but doesn’t smell like anything bad/old either. I’m soo happy to have it, it feels unreal to hold it. I sold my last one and regret it. It’s staying because it’s no terrible damage and it doesn’t cost much as their other items.Its a keeper.
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  5. I just got one on website as well, if anyone into this, go and check availability.
  6. Mini PA in DE place in cart
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  7. Also Toiletry Pouch 19 place in cart
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  8. I ordered mine Tuesday afternoon and it arrived this morning - MIF late February. These have been showing up more frequently, it was available to buy multiple times this week. Definitely follow the stalking thread to catch one!

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  9. Oh my, fluffy build?! It made me laugh but you look great!!! love the PA on you! Thanks for the mod shot - many of us here are less willing to pose our “fluffy builds”:P you win the prize for the best new term of the day. Thanks- can use all the smiles we can get. :hugs:
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  10. I thought the same thing! Mine is 30th week MIF. Did they get stuck in transport? Really makes you wonder and then there are some February 2020 bags already being sold.
  11. They most likely will
  12. They were probably holding on to them to create a shortage? Making it elusive/exclusive.
  13. I got a PA on the 12th made in France 2020. Same story as everyone stalked and finally saw a “place in cart”. They are popping up keep up hope. Btw toiletry 19 has been in stock all day today
  14. Hi ladies yes I got the kaki a few weeks ago..I've been so busy trying to prepare to work from home etc w/ this virus ugh!!! No time to indulge on the PF!!!! Hopefully I'll have more time soon..

    REALLY hard to find items are up now? Grrrr…..don't tell me that lol! *** Emmy slowly backs out of the room *** :biggrin::biggrin:
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  15. Absolutely gorgeous....the pics are exquisite...
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