Update on Pochette Accessoires

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  1. here ya go! :smile:

    I’m 5’5”
    Fluffy build :smile:

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  2. Does body know if the multi pochette accessories is nowhere to be found at the moment? I’m getting mixed info from LV. Some say they are restocking..others say its unavailable period for now?..
  3. Azur or Monogram? I’m trying to complete the PA trifecta and keep stalking the site for the Azur one.
  4. Mono PA is Add to Cart in the US
  5. Fluffy build?! You are beautiful!!! The bag looks great!
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  6. I need one in mono but I'm starting to give up on being able to grab one on lv.
  7. aww thank you :hugs:
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  8. Multi Pochette add to Bag now
  9. It was available yesterday all day...and for longer than 10 minutes...
    With everything going on people are buying less luxury so the hard to find items are popping up more frequently and staying available longer than usual
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  10. stalk the website.. last week when I was randomly on the site, it was in stock!!! I added to my cart for about 30 mins, but I decided not to buy it.
  11. Had things to attend to yesterday. The one day i stopped looking lol

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  12. I saw the mono PA on the US website yesterday! With all the economic craziness lots of hard to find items seem to be popping up more regularly.
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  13. Yep- found it very interesting as well
  14. I grabbed a PA Mono on Tuesday on the US website after stalking and stalking. I was so happy but then I open it up and it immediately feels a bit “used”. The date code is 30th week of 2019 and the zipper has ripples. So disappointed...I’m guessing this was someone else’s return and since I’ll return it I’m worried LV will just turn it around and ship it to someone else. :sad:

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  15. If it is not damaged I would probably keep it. If you were to buy this from the preloved market you will pay more.
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