Update on Pochette Accessoires

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  1. It seems like the pochette accessoires NM is being discontinued, so does anyone know if it will be re-designed? Has anyone seen pictures or heard details? Thank you :smile:
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  2. There's lots of confusions on this. Not all SA say the same things. I guess only time will tell. If re-designed I would be anxious to see it.
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  3. I just emailed LV regarding this yesterday, I keep hearing mixed things across CS/store SAs/tPF so any clarification would be helpful! I spoke to CS this morning and was told that "there are alternates to the PA including the Pochette Felicie and Pallas Clutch". This kind of falls in line with the rumours that suggest LV are discontinuing some of their "entry level" pieces that are under the $1K mark including the Eva and Favorite, to push the sales of newer items that are at a slightly higher price point. If it is being redesigned, maybe it'll come with a chain-strap or crossbody option as well as a higher price point like the bags previously mentioned.
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  4. I was thinking the same thing - LV will either redesign the pochette with a crossbody and/or chain strap so it's more expensive, or they won't re-design it at all so people buy the Felicie, Pallas clutch, etc. If it is being re designed I hope we see pictures soon!
  5. I'm hoping it's being redesigned or that current stock is just low due to upcoming events like graduations and Mother's Day. And if it is being redesigned, I'm sure we'll see pictures here before anyone else, the LV forum seems to know more than CS and the SAs combined! A reverse monogram PA would be awesome.
  6. I'm hoping it's being redesigned!!

    A crossbody strap would be fantastic!!!
  7. I hope they keep it and refresh the stock so I can get the PA in DE . I really like having a low maintenance, simple pouch for the inside of my bags. I take the strap off when using it as a catch-all in my bags. :smile:
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  8. I agree, I love this bag and I wish they wouldn't discontinue it! I have a monogram pochette and I use it everyday. I would love to get one in DA if it wasn't discontinued
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  9. I used mine yesterday. It's such a carefree style, shame that it's being discontinued. I hope LV realizes it's uses and maybe just redesigns the pochette and it remains at a similar price point. I don't mind spending over 1K on a handbag but I refuse to spend over 1K on what is basically a clutch. LV will have folks going preloved for pochettes, eva's and favorites and bypassing the Pallas or Felicie.
  10. I'm so surprised that this is being discontinued! I picked one up last fall in Damier Ebene, it was that or the Eva. For me personally, I found that the PA just worked better for me personally.

    I'm curious to see what else comes out, but why not just increase the prices a bit and keep these entry level bags that are so popular???
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  11. I talked to my SA on Saturday but she did not know for sure if it will be discontinued or not. I agree with RP that tpf folks know better than SAs. However, she did immediately pointed out that Felicie is much better choice since it already has a xbody chain, inserts, etc. When i was in the store I had my PA DE with a chain (not LV).
    I am afraid they might be doing the same as Chanel did when they discontinued "entry level" bags like GST (in their mind it was way too cheap!? that was no longer good for the Chanel image - those were the exact words of one SA in boutique - I couldn't believe what I'm hearing).
    To me it doesn't make any sense if they think they can just force people in buying more expensive pouches for the purpose most of us are using PA. It is really great pouch/clutch that can be catch all in bigger bags or easy going errands bag.
    I simply hope it will come back in stock unchanged!
  12. Another reason I like the PA over the other choices mentioned is that it has slightly more give and isn't as rigid as the Felicie and it's slightly larger than the Pallas Clutch, so it can be used as a crossbody bag
  13. Absolutely agree! It is really comfortable and convenient small xbody bag. I also like it much better than Felicie.
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  14. So the Pochette Felicie and Pallas Clutch will get a redesign as well? Do you happen to know starting when and how?
  15. It says "Call for availability" for all the PA (DE, DA, Mono) on the german website :sad: So sad, I wanted this cutie so much. Maybe I can get one pre-loved someday.
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