Update on my Adele saga......

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Speedy LoVer
Nov 17, 2006
Well after talking to my dh and my SA from LV I'm sending my Adele back! :crybaby: I just don't think for that much money that I should have to have it "fixed". I worry that if I do get it fixed that it will keep happening and for that much money it should be PERFECT!! My dh really didn't feel comfortable with sending it back to be fixed and said if it's meant to be then another one will come my way! :confused1: We're going to S.F. on Wed of next week and told me that I could make up the loss of this bag with other purchases when we go! Isn't he sweet? :heart:

My SA was mad that where the bag was sent from it was sent out BROKEN! They are having Fed Ex pick it up tomorrow so I don't have to deal with taking it into the store to return it. I'm pretty upset, but think this is best, as I wouldn't ever feel GREAT about the bag knowing something was wrong with it to begin with! KWIM?

Anyway thanks for reading if you got this far! :s


Sep 26, 2006
Michele, sorry about your bag and I agree you are doing the right thing!

I just saw this same bag on Elux yesterday, but not sure if LV can get that one for you. Are they a separate company?

Good luck and hope you find another one soon!


Jul 30, 2006
Not right now, she said they are "sold out everywhere". I'm thinking the only reason this store had one (it was returned) was because there was something wrong with it! :yucky:

I have been following your story, and I am so sorry that this happened to you. I agree with you about this bag being the only when left PROBABLY because it was defective. I am so hesitant to buy a bag on Elux that has been there for a long time and it is in high demand. I always ask myself, "What is wrong with it?". Anyway, I hope you do find another one.