Update on my 4 month wait on that Juicy bag...

  1. If any of you recall...
    I made a posting on how this lady kept avoiding me for 4 months on a bag that she was suppose to send me

    Well, after 4 months, I finally received the bag today...

    but I wasn't very pelased with her packaging. She totally stuffed this big bag into a too-small box.

    Anyhow, I took some pics ...

    Do you guys think its real?
    This is my 1st Juicy bag...
    and it feels kinda rubbery and the zippers are a LITTLE hard to pull.

    I like the compartments though.:shame:

    Please tell me what you think!


    Juicy 001.jpg

    Juicy 002.jpg

    Juicy 003.jpg

    Juicy 004.jpg

    Juicy 005.jpg

    Juicy 006.jpg

    Juicy 007.jpg

    Juicy 008.jpg

    Juicy 009.jpg

    Juicy 010.jpg
  2. ...and i just finished wiping it down with a disinfectant cloth & febreeze'd it. :P
  3. I don't know if it's real or not(not an expert on it), but I remember your posts about this, and I am happy you finallygot it. It's cute, too!
  4. I have this in black & I'm sorry, but that looks "off". The mesh is a dead give-away. It should be much tighter & the P&G should be more substantial & less brassy. Sorry, I am certain it's a fake. Glad you finally got something out of her & I doubt your doggie will mind being carried in it as long as he is with you.
  5. :crybaby:

    sigh. i guess this bag will be in my closet.
  6. Wait, is this the large size, I have the small one & it doesn't have the "shop" pocket. Maybe the mesh is different on the large size. I'm going to hop on over to the pampered pup website & check it out.
  7. Ok, tjis is how the brass should look & the letters are shaped. The mesh is smaller too. Is there any way, long shot I know, that you can get your money back?
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. man those pics look so nice and stiff...this bag i have looks and feels all out of shape!

    the zipper doesnt even go all the way down...

    i wouldnt even TRY to ask for my $ back, she took forever to gget this bad to me, who knows when she will finally come through for my refund...